Winter Vacation: Sunny spots for a tailor made holiday

It’s not too late to start planning a winter vacation! There are many special spots Bella Vita can introduce you to where you can still catch some warm summer sun, even in the winter months. These mare great destinations that offer some beach alternatives. However, there are also some locations where the weather is mild and perfect for a more culturally focused trip.

The Bella Vita portfolio is vast – we’ve expanded beyond the Mediterranean for some time now. Thanks to our new affiliations and partnerships, our clients frequently receive VIP amenities in the hotels and accommodations we book for you. Furthermore, you can receive these benefits as well when booking hotels anywhere in the world through us. From the Caribbean to Asia, our clients receive these same amenities and VIP perks when booking through Bella Vita Travels.

Winter escape to Sicily

Sicily, the Mediterranean’s biggest island, provides a great winter escape destination. It’s a personal favorite of ours here at Bella Vita Travels!

Winters and sunny and the weather is mild. Even in November and early December, sunny days can still be beach days. A break from the scorching summer heat means exploring is easier. Sicily has a wealth of important architectural sites and ruins. Under the summer sun, these can be exhausting at times to see. In the mild winter, its much easier to explore!

Though beach towns tend to slow down to a halt, Sicily is full of amazing cities that never stop. From fascinating Palermo to gorgeous Taormina, these cities are great destinations to visit year round. As you head towards the holiday season, these places really light up – literally. Italy is a heavily Catholic country, and this is even more felt in the south and the islands. Sicily takes Christmas very seriously! It’s a beautiful and special time to experience the culture of this unique island.

Four Seasons, San Domenico Palace, Taormina

This is one of our favorite properties in Sicily. In the off season, Taormina truly shines! It’s open until mid-November then closes for 2 months over the holidays, but October and November in Taormina can still be perfect beach weather (it has been the past few years!).

The hotel is stunning and every detail has been considered after an impeccable renovation when taken over by the Four Seasons hotel group. They have done a terrific job updating the hotel while keeping its original charm. It’s like stepping into a private oasis – having lunch poolside with views of the ocean and Mt Etna was magical, as are the surrounding gardens. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable and the service is top notch. For those fans of White Lotus, you’ll recognize a familiar scene. After several site inspections over the past 2 years, we all agree- its a favorite spot on one of our favorite parts of the island.

Winter escape to Portugal: The Azores

The Azores are a true hidden gem of Europe.

These volcanic islands are often compared to a warmer Iceland, or also called the Hawaii of Europe.  Dramatic scenery like cascading waterfalls, lush greens, exotic and bright flora and fauna and natural lakes in volcano craters are a few of the sites you’ll see exploring any of these islands.  Beach lovers will find a variety on all of the islands that make up the archipelago, from rocky to smooth black sand.  

All of these amazing reasons are paired with typical, warm Portuguese hospitality, incredible food, and prices that are much lower than more visited destinations.

Winter activities in the Azores

São Miguel is the biggest island in the Azores. It’s famous for its volcanic scenery, flora and rich marine life. Ponta Delgada, the capital, is home to the 18th-century City Gates, Gothic St. Sebastian Church and 16th-century Fort of São Brás. The twin crater lakes of Sete Cidades, one green and one blue, lie to the northwest. To the east, Furnas has fumaroles and hot springs.

During your time here, we can arrange some spectacular tours and excursions for you. For some relaxation time, we can arrange a trip to a local thermal spa. Famous for thermal waters, this spa is surrounded by dramatic, volcanic surroundings. Two springs of volcanic thermal water warm the waters of the natural pool by the sea, carved out of cooled lava.

Depending on the sea and weather (the winter period can change month by month), we can also arrange boat trips to see the many whales and dolphins in the area, as well.

Morocco in the winter

One of Bella Vita’s most magical destinations, our winter holiday to Morocco last year was one of our most memorable. Morocco is a true sensory experience, and out of the summer heat, exploring this diverse and fascinating country is a real pleasure. From the medinas to the desert, hot air balloons and cooking classes, there is a plethora of activities we can offer you in this North African country. In the cooler months, they are even more pleasant than in the burning hot summer.

The climate changes from one part of the country to the other in the winter. For example, in the desert it can certainly get quite cold. But in mid January this past year, Bella Vita explored some of the most beautiful sites in the country in a t-shirt! The weather in the cities can be pleasant, and it makes your trip here relaxing and perfect.

Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech – your perfect winter getaway

Follow the scents of night jasmine and more than 100,000 roses to the Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech. This stunning hotel is within 50 acres of landscaped gardens, ponds, and olive groves, creating a sanctuary minutes from the city’s bustling medina. The 54 villas are a mix of Moorish and Berber style, and each centers around a pool. The nine suites are equally sublime, with spacious living areas to stretch out in. After a steam in the hammam, enjoy Chinese fare at Ling Ling by Hakkasan or a fusion of flavours inspired from the Silk Road in the newly opened Shirvan Café Métisse restaurant.

This is truly one of our favorites in this very special city- and the perfect spot to relax and explore the city even in the off season winter months. Our VIP amenities when booking this hotel are also one of a kind!

Winter escapes

We hope you provided you with some travel inspiration for a tailor made winter holiday. It’s not too late to start planning an off season vacation to one of these destinations. There are also so many more to choose from!

Contact us today to stop dreaming, and start planning!

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