Winter Vacation: Your tailor made holiday in the snow!

Winter is coming – and this means most have an extended holiday where they can travel a little. There are so many places you can escape to for a bit of sun. However, there are also some great destinations that Bella Vita can help you discover that come alive in the snow.

From cities that glitter over the holidays, to snowcapped mountains and the northern lights, these are places that shine in the winter. Unlike beach resort destinations, that slow down to an almost total halt in the winter, these are places that have tons of activities.

It’s not too late to start planning a winter holiday in any of these destinations!

Winter in the city: Paris, France

Paris is an incredibly destination year round. One of the most requested destinations, it has something for everyone. In the spring, summer and fall it has a special charm, but over the holiday season it is truly a memorable experience. The city of lights twinkles a little brighter as every district of the city celebrates the winter holidays!

Each of Paris’ districts over the holidays has something festive happening. First, some window shopping at grand magasins. Second, browsing Christmas markets with a glass of vin chaud. Just strolling through this city in low season is a great way to experience it like a local. Paris is wonderful this time of year!

Day trip from Paris: Winter in Versailles

Today, your private driver and guide will pick you up for a full day of discovering the Palace of Versailles.

The Palace of Versailles is one of the highlights when traveling to Paris. Located outside the French capital, this is where the last kings of France ruled, lived and feasted in grand luxury. In the winter, decorated for the holidays, it is a truly special experience.

Meet your private, fully licensed guide, and follow them as they take you inside the Palace of Versailles, which you will discover through a visit of the King’s State Apartments. Witness the grandeur of the Palace as you make your way to the Hercules, Mercury and Apollo rooms (among other luxurious rooms) as well as the famous and dazzling Hall of Mirrors… This hall, many times copied throughout the world but never equaled in its beauty, offers a magnificent view of the palace’s gardens. Over the winter, the flowers aren’t in bloom, but the area is decorated for the season just beautifully!


Iceland, it goes without saying, is a destination that is quite adapted to the winter. The winter is one of the best times to visit Iceland due to the excellent conditions for viewing the northern lights and the festive spirit of the Christmas holidays. Snow covered landscapes, glimmering glaciers, white capped volcanoes —Iceland is known as being the land of fire and ice. It’s a fantastic time to visit, when prices are low and a winter magic emerges in the dark.

There are so many special accommodations in Iceland to experience the incredible northern lights. Some cozy, family run places just a two hour drive from the capital of Reykjavík. Leaving the city means less light pollution and more depth in color. One of our favorite small family run places even offers you a “northern lights” wake up call for those who don’t want to wait the night for this incredible sight. Hot tubs in the snow, home cooked reindeer stew, singing (and learning) traditional songs around the fire – Iceland in the winter is unforgettable.

Winter in the city: Vienna, Austria

Vienna is another city destination that is great to experience in the winter. Enchanting Christmas markets, ice skating, or warming up in a cozy coffee house – or perhaps even in one of Vienna’s numerous museums – there is so much to do in this elegant city. Perhaps even sledding outside the city center or try your hand at the local sport of eisstock, a mix of bocce and curling. Tracks are located throughout the city.

Austria is also one of the countries that birthed classical music, and taking in a concert is a cultural pastime as much as it is a great way to warm up and experience an incredible event.

Hotel Imperial, Vienna

Vienna’s first address – defining the destination since 1873. Originally built as a private residence for Prince Philipp of Württemberg, the magnificent palace at Vienna’s iconic Ringstrasse was converted into Hotel Imperial for the 1873 World Exhibition. The rooms and suites, with their aristocratic flair, are clad in silk and marble and decorated with crystal chandeliers, antiques, and marble baths. Café Imperial Vienna treats visitors to traditional Viennese specialties, including the fabled Imperial torte. Awarded three toques by Gault et Millau, Restaurant OPUS is among the world’s finest gourmet temples. It’s truly a grand hotel that brings you back to a different time – without sacrificing any modern comfort or luxury.

Winter escapes

We hope you provided you with some travel inspiration for a tailor made winter holiday. It’s not too late to start planning an off season vacation to one of these destinations. There are also so many more to choose from!

Contact us today to stop dreaming, and start planning!

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