Big News at Bella Vita: New Destinations

New destinations are in store for our clients! As we mentioned earlier this month, we have decided to partner with the illustrious Travel Experts, a Virtuoso member.

This relationship in no way changes the essence or soul that is Bella Vita Travels. We are the same, small, close-knit team that has created your tailor-made vacations for years. We will continue to explore and unearth every fabulous travel experience we can offer throughout Europe and beyond. This is great news as our new partnership allows us to concentrate on YOU and your trip. 

New destinations in store for you

It also means that we have access to new perks and new opportunities in some of the countries that we visit. As our repeat clients know, Bella Vita isn’t just the Mediterranean. We have been planning tailor made trips to many countries for the past few years.

It’s time for you to “get to know” them!


It’s not quite a “new destination” for Bella Vita. We have been planning trips for clients here for several years now. Just a short ferry ride from Sicily, Malta is a fascinating country. Endless historic sites, lush hinterland and spectacular coastline – it’s a dream!

What’s new is that Malta has started to shine as a stand alone destination. This year, our new partnership and ever growing list of contacts, colleagues and trusted suppliers, mean that Malta is blossoming into an incredibly popular destination. We have so many new things to show our clients here. We cannot wait to continue exploring this unique, vibrant country.


Slovenia is a beautiful and interesting new destination. Nestled between northeastern Italy and Northern Croatia, it is a great  “add-on” to your vacation. We’ve been working in Slovenia for years, but have now started planning more and more trips that are based specifically here. As the world travels again, Slovenia is emerging as a requested stop for a tailor made holiday!

Our travelers are often “wowed” by its intriguing history, rich culture and its spectacular natural beauty. The country is filled with commanding castles, “once upon a time” villages and a plethora of mountains, rivers, and caves for visitors to explore.

Some of favorite places to visit include Lake Bled, Triglav National Park, Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle and the Capital of Ljubljana.

New destinations – the United Kingdom and Ireland

Decidedly not Mediterranean, but still a new destination for so many of our clients. We’ve been organizing tailor made trips here for years, though many clients might not be aware. What started as a few days here and there for clients on a long layover has turned into a star destination! These are countries that we know quite well, and destinations we visit frequently. As flight schedules from North America often call for a layover in the UK or Ireland, we love adding in a few days to visit these beautiful countries.

Our expert guides and trusted colleagues here are truly the best. We’ve started to organize and plan bespoke holidays here as well, as a solo destination, and we cannot wait to show you what we can do.

New destinations, still your Bella Vita

Though we have a lot of new, exciting changes going on, they are all positive. We have so many things we cannot wait to share with you.

For more information on these new destinations, please contact Megan or Kate to learn more!

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