Our favorite food destinations: Italy, France, Greece

Food is the reason why so many of our clients choose the destinations that they do. Of course, we travel for so many reasons. First, the enriching experience of experiencing a new culture. Architecture, museums and historical sites are even more reasons. However, food and trying different specialties is one very important reason why we travel.

Each destination has its own food specialties. Though someone might think simply about eating pizza in Italy or paella in Spain, there are some cities and locations in these special countries where food is the main reason to visit. Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of a destination in order to get a sense of place. The foods a culture eat speak to their history, anthropology and so many other things. For us, eating your way through a city is an amazing way to see its spirit at its best.

This week on the travel blog, we share some of our favorite food destinations. If any of these seem interesting to you and inspire a future trip, don’t hesitate to contact us to start planning your dream vacation for food lovers!

Food lovers tour of Italy: Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is an amazing destination for gastronomes. Some of Italy’s most iconic dishes and products come from this area. The surrounding area of Parma, Bologna and Modena are where products like proscuitto di parma, mortadella, tortellini and parmigiano reign. Bologna, specifically, is famous for its charming historical center scattered with many restaurants ranging from home cooked specialties to Michelin stars. When you talk about traveling for food, a trip to Emilia Romagna cannot be missed. Our food and wine lovers tour of Northern Italy is popular for a reason – let us help you start planning this special trip.

Crete: Greece’s food capital

There is a saying that you go to Santorini to fall in love, Mykonos to party and Crete – to eat! We think so too, as Crete has some of Greece’s most special gastronomical experiences. Because of its location between Europe, Africa, and Asia— Crete is considered the blueprint of the Mediterranean diet. Food is fresh, farmed, seasonal and simple. It’s an island that still sees itself very much reflected in its culinary history. From amazing produce to an ample fishing industry, you know that what you are tasting here is as fresh as it gets. It’s our top destination in Greece for sampling typical and local foods!

Paris, France

It might seem cliché but Paris is hard to beat in terms of a food lovers destination. From cheese shops and fresh baked bread, to the most famous chocolate makers in France, its easy to eat your way through the city. More so, the ample michelin stars mean that this unforgettable city is also where you can have one of the best meals of your life. Coupling Paris’ extensive culinary tradition with the incredible immigration and mixing of cultures means that food here can also range from Indonesian to Vietnamese influences. There’s also an incredible natural wine scene here. Paris cannot be missed for food lovers.

Food heaven in Naples

Naples is one of Europes most fascinating and misunderstood cities. It gets a reputation as a gritty port city, but when seen right, there is no other place like Naples. Food is a way of life, from slow stewed Sunday lunches to the king of Italian foods – espresso and pizza. Naples is also unabashedly proud of their desserts- pastries here are out of this world. Naples is one of our favorite food tours that we offer. It’s a great way to acclimate yourself with a city that can seem intimidating at first. But, after a short time and a few bites, you’ll see Naples as warmly as we do.

Provence, France

Staying in Provence sometimes feels like its right out of a movie. Food takes center stage, and it’s all about simple flavors from spectacular fresh produce. Head to the fruit and vegetable markets, in famous old towns or by the side of the road. Here you’ll be enticed by the colors, smells and tastes of the fresh seasonal produce. The region’s most famous dish is Bouillabaisse; the signature dish of Marseille – seafood is unforgettable here! From rosé wine to truffle hunting, this special seaside region melds perfectly coastal cuisine with a touch of glamour.

Traveling for food

We hope that some of these destinations inspired those of you gastronomes and wine lovers to plan a trip. We are just scratching the surface of these countries – champagne bordeaux? Cicchetti in Venice and Supplì in Rome? We cannot wait to show what we can organize for our food loving clients in these special spots.

Contact us to start planning today!

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