We save you time by providing expert planning, concierge-level service, and building ongoing relationships to create highly personalized luxury vacations throughout the Mediterranean.

We offer access to a vast, curated collection of hand-selected vacation options, creating exceptional travel experiences.

We deliver peace of mind by removing the stress of vacation planning to ensure each trip exceeds expectations.

Whether you are planning your honeymoon, your 40th birthday celebration or your 50th wedding anniversary, our seasoned team of luxury travel specialists can custom plan an itinerary to delight. Since we are based in Italy, we provide access to exclusive destinations and experiences that result in memories that last a lifetime. Our team saves you the time and stress of planning your perfect Mediterranean vacation by doing all the work for you!

Bella Vita Travels is a family owned and operated professional purveyor of travel based in Lerici, Italy. As luxury travel specialists, we know discerning travelers have access to many sources of information when planning a trip, but we also know that it takes much more than secondary research to make a trip truly unique. We leverage our decades of expertise and industry contacts to design custom itineraries that exceed the highest expectations.


Our team of luxury travel specialists are ready to get to know your travel goals and curate your custom Mediterranean vacation experience.


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