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Although the current global pandemic means that our clients are still at home, dreaming of their future and postponed travel plans, here in the Mediterranean we have started to travel again.  We’ve spoken with some of our favorite hotels that we send clients to (and also some personal favorites as well), to help you get inspiration for a future trip and to show you, in their own words, what makes these great places so special.  This month, we continue our series of “hotels we love” with some dream destinations in Greece and Croatia.

Lešić Dimitri Palace,Korčula, Croatia
What’s so special about your hotel? 

Lešić Dimitri Palace and its Michelin star restaurant stand within the heart of the old town of Korčula. With a refined elegance. the hotel represents the rich history and culture of its destination. Celebrating the marriage between old and new, this boutique hotel has just five unique and spacious suites, restaurant and spa. They were designed by an Asian-Croatian team of architects and interior designers and inspired by Korčula’s famous resident, Marco Polo and his travels along the Silk Road which people say started from this beautiful island. 

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The 18th Century Bishop’s palace was lovingly restored over five years and now offers Luxury apartments with full hotel service  

Who is the perfect client for Lešić Dimitri Palace? 

Those wishing to escape, create, relax or unwind. It offers guests the chance of experiencing the essence of Dalmatia, through an intimate yet unobtrusive level of service, from a team passionate about the destination and sharing it with its visitors. 

Our goal is to celebrate, share and promote the best that Korčula has to offer, from the richness of its history, culture and scenic beauty, to the breadth and quality of its gastronomy – all those who have interest in any of the mentioned are perfect clients for us.  


What’s the service variety of Lešić Dimitri Palace? 

We have an excellent spa with a wide range of treatments to soothe, relax, tone, and stimulate. We can also provide a full range of Ayurvedic treatments. 

In order to enjoy the many beauties of our island archipelago we have our own beautiful 9.5m classic sailing yacht Vipera. The yacht can be hired for a variety of excursions and provides the ultimate sailing experience in these crystal clear Adriatic waters. 

Our Michelin-starred restaurant provides a rich culinary experience under Head Chef Marko Gajski. Local seasonal produce is served in traditional recipes with a modern twist. We take great effort to pair our dishes with excellent local wines and also olive oils from our three medal winning local producers. 

There is a wide range of physical activities beyond swimming in the clean clear sea or sailing on our yacht Vipera. Guests can also enjoy cycling, hiking or sea kayaking combined with food and wine tastings that provide real insight into the islanders way of life. We are happy to arrange any of these for our guests. 


How seasonal is Lešić Dimitri Palace? 

We are welcoming our guests from the beginning of April until the end of October. 

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Tell us about the philosophy? 

Through an intimate yet unobtrusive approach, we will do our best to build a fellowship with our guests. We strive to provide a genuine “taste” of Korčula delivered with personal generosity. Thus, one can experience the remarkable roots and scenic charm of this corner of the earth. 

We are committed to keeping the original features and layout of the 18th Century Bishop’s palace in tact.  Having Marco Polo’s house next door, the LD Palace’s interior design pays homage to the great traveller’s Silk Road adventures. In five meticulously restored and design driven residences all those wishing to escape, create, relax or unwind can feel a real SENSE OF PLACE.  


Tell us about sunsets from the hotel? 

Sunsets on Korčula are stunning, with orange and yellow dominating the sky in summertime. The atmosphere of golden hour you will enjoy while dinning on the terrace of our LD Restaurant. One of our signature services on board our classic yacht Vipera is Sunser Cruise. Here, you can discover the scattered islands and experiencing the magic of a beautiful Korčula sunset. The beautiful terrace of China residence, with stunning views over the Pelješac channel and Korčula archipelago, provides a wonderful space for memorable sunrise and for relaxing at any time of the day or night. 


Your choice of “must see and must do’s” nearby? 

Narrow medieval streets of Korčula Old Town where Marco Polo took the first steps along the Silk Route. Here, you can and learn about the local ways of life and fascinating facts that are not in the guidebooks. 

Through a guided tour Treats of Korčula, we can introduce our guests with the rich gastronomic history of the island. They can taste locally made delicacies and excellent wines and explore fruitful vineyards. We also have a plethora of picturesque villages, thousands of years of traditions, a rich heritage. 

Pelješac peninsula, well known since ancient times for fine vineyards and excellent wines, is recognized all over the world. By booking our tour Taste of Pelješac, you can visit to some of the best Croatian wine producers of the South Adriatic.

Hiking or biking tours that will help to discover some of the oldest settlements on the island. You will learn about the local ways of life and enjoy wine and food tastings. Exploring unique protected natural areas and some of the island’s most beautiful beaches. 


Hotel Vestibul Palace, Split, Croatia
What’s special about your hotel? 
Hotel Vestibul Palace is in the very heart of the Diocletians Palace. Its historic hotel where Diocletians wife Priska was sleeping. We are small Hotel with only 7 rooms.  From every space, you go you will see originals walls of the Palace. We also have annex building with 4 rooms. The whole property of main building with 7 rooms is protected by UNESCO. We are members of “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” for 8 years now, and winner of three Conde Nast travel awards.
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Who is the perfect client for Vestibul Palace?
We think that perfect client for Hotel Vestibul Palace is client who loves history,  Also, clients that want to feel charm of sleeping inside 17th century Palace.
How accessible is Vestibul Palace?
We send our guests directions how to get as close as they can to the hotel. We then welcome them and escort them to the hotel.  If they arrive with the car, we take their car to our private garage.
What’s the service variety of Vestibul Palace?
Since we are small Hotel inside the nearly 500 year old Palace, we do not have things like swimming pool or spa. Yet, we offer fantastic service! From check in to check out, we will make sure that our guests do not move a finger.  Whatever they need, we will be here for them. We also organize for them whatever they wish to do, or visit.
What’s the best time to experience Vestibul Palace and Split?
The best time is in September. This month it still hot enough to go to beach and enjoy the nice weather.
Tell us about the philosophy?
We are small luxury historic hotel with the excellent service. There is tons of history behind the hotel. Our moto is “This is the place that Emperor built for him self, this is the place where you feel like an Emperor”
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Your choice of “must see and must do’s” in and around Split
The guided tour of the old city, Salona, All the museums, sand beach Bačvice, park-forest Marjan, beautiful local restaurants.
Your personal favorite room or suite in the hotel?
Junior and Luxury Suites because they have big old original walls from 3rdCentury, they are specious and beautiful.
Canaves Oia Suites, Santorini, Greece
What’s special about your hotel?
We are a family owned and family run 5 star resort group. Our  guests are always greeted as a family. At our hotels, guests can enjoy the best of Santorini all in one spot and get impeccable service. 
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Who is the perfect client for Canaves?
We welcome every guest who wants to experience a luxury home away from home and leverage what Santorini has to offer. 
How accessible is Canaves?
Most of our resorts are very easily accessible. Canaves Oia Suites is also the only resort in Oia with an all level elevator. 
What’s the service variety of Canaves?
As mentioned before Canaves Oia Resorts offer the best of Santorini all in one spot. We have a Spa with amazing treatments (open air also from this year), a gym, infinity pools, fine dining restaurants and tailored experiences according to guests’ needs.
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How seasonal is Canaves?
We operate from April to October – November. 
What’s the best time to experience Canaves Oia Suites and Santorini?
If you want to avoid crowds and the summer heat wave, you should visit us in May and end of September – October. If you want to feel the full Santorini vibe then July and August. 
Tell us about the philosophy?
As also mentioned before, we are a family owned, family run business that started to operate back in 1985. From the first 2 Canaves (traditional wine cellars) to 5 resorts today, our love for Santorini and our passion for hospitality remains the same. 
Tell us about Santorini sunsets? (I know they have special sunsets there)
There’s no sunset like Santorini sunset! It’s one of the things one should add on his bucket list. Of course Oia’s village sunset spot is perfect and walking distance from our Hotels but also watching the sunset from Catamar at the Aegean sea is also magnificent. 
Your choice of “must see and must do’s” on Santorini
Go on a tour with a Catamaran or a yacht around the island to explore hidden caves and beaches you can’t access by foot. Explore Greek wine varieties with a wineries tour or a wine tasting experience at our hotels. 
Your personal favorite room or suite in the hotel?
I would say that my personal favourite is the Royal Pool Suite because of its position within the hotel large space and ultimate privacy.
Kalesma, Mykonos, Greece
What’s special about your hotel?
Kalesma is an all-suite and two villas boutique hotel, all with their private heated pool offering amazing sea views. It is a whitewashed, beautifully designed collection of houses on a generous 20-acre property.   Kalesma meaning ‘inviting’ in Greek is perfectly aligned with the ethos of our privately-owned luxury boutique hotel. We wholeheartedly welcome guests into our exclusive hideaway and wish to share with them all that is ours. Kalesma stands out in its pursuit of capturing the essence of authentic Mykonian spirit and local heartfelt hospitality.


 Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 5.08.51 PM
Who is the perfect client for Kalesma?


Discerning travelers who seek for utmost privacy, high aesthetics in a serene hideaway outfitted with world class comforts and conveniences. Kalesma seeks to create a unique connection between guests and the true spirit of the island.


How accessible is Kalesma?


Kalesma is situated in Ornos, in an area called Aleomandra, just 3 km/1.8 miles from Mykonos town, and 1 km/0,6 mile from Ornos beach.

What’s the service variety of Kalesma?


Kalesma is a 5* luxury boutique hotel, offering high standards of services. The hotel offers an all-day restaurant, pool bar and sunset lounge from where one can enjoy the iconic Mykonian sunset, as well as a chapel, fully fitted gym and spa. Additionally, our hotel team has deep rooted connection with the island of Mykonos and our concierge is on hand to help guests discover the islands hidden gems including local eateries, exclusive boutiques and picture-perfect tiny churches. We may also arrange trips to some the island’s 25 beaches – from the hottest beach clubs to secluded swimming caves, as well as reserving sun loungers at the variety of beaches

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How seasonal is Kalesma?


Kalesma will be open from 29th of April until 26th of October in 2021

What’s the best time to experience Kalesma and Mykonos?


The season in Mykonos island is mostly from April until October and usually  the island gets crowded during the summer months. A great time to visit the island in around mid September when the water remains warm and there are not large crowds.

Tell us about the philosophy?


The revival of the Mykonian spirit of hospitality, or Philoxenia as we also call it, was the inspiration for the creation of Kalesma Mykonos.  We relate to the fundamental elements of hospitality and deliver these, in a natural yet luxurious manner, to our guests. What we consider real, heartfelt hospitality is combined with the highest of aesthetics and expert personal attendance. We wish to make one’s experience of life on the island so unique and engaging that it would make it hard for anyone to not want to come back

Tell us about sunsets from the hotel?


The stunning Mykonian sunset is a unique experience at Kalesma and can be enjoyed at our Aloni. Aloni is our outdoor lounge built around a warm, inviting fire pit and is the perfect spot for sunset gathering, enjoying a cocktail and listening to cosmopolitan music. Aloni’s unique allure blends a sense of secluded tranquility with a fine-toned romance that hits its height as the sun goes down over Delos island.

Your choice of “must see and must do’s” nearby?

Activities are orchestrated daily for guests to experience the true nature of Mykonos island. You could choose an organized cruise to a hidden cove one day or a guided tour of the sacred island of Delos the next day. Mykonos island is renowned for its glamorous atmosphere, vibrant night scene, glorious beaches and Cycladic charm. But there is more to Mykonos than its cosmopolitan flair and notorious nightlife – just to name a few must see : The castle of Chora, the churches of Panagia Paraportiani and Agios Nikolaos along with the House of Lena, the Armenistis Lighthouse in Agios Stefanos.

As an experience –  Yacht cruise to visit the archaeological site of Delos island  and then enjoy swimming in a secluded cove off the uninhabited island of Rhenia which is renowned for its crystal clear waters, ancient temple ruins and high energy levels is a must. Our team will also create an unforgettable authentic cooking experience for our guests on the beach.

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