New Experiences: Tailor Made Trips to Portugal

As we get closer to a period where a future of travel doesn’t seem so far away, tailor made trips are becoming more and more popular. After over a year of sheltering in place, the freedom to travel has even more significance. Though the travel industry seemed to have stopped, the world of travel planning is always in constant motion. Planning tailor made vacations means that we are perpetually working behind the scenes, and this year was no exception.

We spent our time planning new experiences to add to our portfolio along with our trusted local guides and partners. Along with them, we have crafted unique tours and excursions to offer our clients. When travel resumes (and we hope it will be very soon), the importance of truly seeing and experiencing a place will be paramount. We are excited to offer these special experiences to a tailor made trip in the upcoming future.

The past few weeks we are sharing some of these new experiences in each of the countries we visit. This week, we share with you some of our ideas for breathtaking, vibrant Portugal. This small country offers so much variety! These are just a few of many ideas we can offer you on a tailor made Portuguese vacation. We have so much more to show you, and this special country has so many way to make travel dreams into memories!

Alentejo Off-road Cork Adventure

The inland Alentejo region of Portugal is similar to Italy’s Tuscany. Scenic rolling hills, wineries, and dense forests. The region is the ‘bread basket’ because of the excellent growing conditions. Most of the fruits and vegetables within Portugal come from here. In a nutshell, Alentejo is a food and wine lover’s dream!

This tailor made fun and exciting new tour is family-friendly. You’ll be able to see the cork trees of the area in a 4X4 jeep. Cork is a precious, sustainable, commodity in this region. To begin, your private driver will accompany you deep into the cork forests. Here, you will explore, hands-on, this uncontaminated nature and unique ecosystem. Step out of the 4×4 to drink the pure water, smell our flowers and touch the trees. Find out the lands where international award-winning wines come from. This is what makes the Alentejo region so unique, an experience that few outsiders ever witness.

At lunch time, you’ll enjoy a wonderful Alentejo meal of local specialties. If the weather permits, a picnic lunch under the trees can be arranged. Otherwise, a traditional farmhouse will welcome you with their homemade, local, dishes. All accompanied by the delicious wines of the Alentejo!

Hiking in Arrábida National Park from Lisbon

The Arrábida National Park is a protected area only a short drive from Lisbon. Your private hiking guide and driver will pick you up this morning for a special day!

Clear waters and beautiful landscapes here are perfect for a day in nature. The park has rolling hills, beautiful beaches and massive cliffs between Sesimbra and Setubal. Truly some of the best natural scenery in the region! Here there is an incomparable natural beauty. The blue of the sea alternates with the white tones of the chalk cliffs and the depths of the green vegetation that covers the mountain range. Your local hiking guide will show you all the most beautiful spots on your walk. All our trips are tailor made, and you can discuss with your guide what interests you and what hiking skill you have.

One of the rare examples of Mediterranean maquis in Portugal can be found here. Its preservation was one of the reasons which led the Arrábida zone to be considered as a genuine international scientific relic.

The Serra da Arrabida is the place to visit to escape the crowds of tourists, unknown by many visitors. It is peaceful and tranquil. Even in the height of the summer there will only be a handful of tourists hiking through the luscious hills. Along with your guide, you will spend the perfect day outside of the city. To conclude, you will have a memorable day immersed in the nature of Portugal.

Finish your hike with a seafood or grilled fish lunch at one of the restaurants near the water before returning to Lisbon.

Tailor made Azores: a full day swimming with dolphins and Lagoa do Fogo

The Azores are the epitome of a best kept secret.  An archipelago of 9 volcanic islands, all relatively close together and all inhabited are a part of Portugal in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The Azores offer almost endless options for excursions and tours!

Swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitat – in that case, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean – is something unique. In order to respect the animals, we provide this activity in small groups of around 8 people.

First, our marine biologists will do a briefing about all you need to know to swim with dolphins in the Azores. You will then swim with these beautiful creatures all morning. Not only you will feel a special connection with the dolphins, but you will also learn so much about these animals.

After, we will have lunch in a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, we will be ready to go on our jeep adventure about 23km away from Ponta Delgada. We will drive up Fogo mountain on hilly roads offering wonderful views at every turn. Indeed, you will be able to see both South and North coast of the island, with a beautiful panorama over Ponta Delgada and Ribeira Grande at the same time.

The amazing natural reserve of Lagoa do Fogo is one of the most beautiful places around São Miguel island, it is perfect to enjoy nature at its best.We will then drive you to Caldeira Velha, a true spa at open air surrounded by lush forest.

This place is so surreal that it looks straight out of a movie. The warm iron-rich waterfall where you can go for a dip to experience its warm waters is ideal to relax and enjoy your trip to the Azores.

Tailor made Private Lisbon Wine-Paired Dinner with a Sommelier

One of the most exclusive activities that we will be offering starting this year is a tailor made private wine dinner with a sommelier. This experience is available exclusively in Lisbon.

Together with your local wine expert, you’ll enjoy a delicious wine-paired meal in a private area of an elegant Lisbon restaurante. Each of the four traditional Portuguese courses (welcome drink, appetizer, main course, and dessert) will be accompanied by special wines from different regions of the country.

In a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, our sommelier will guide you through the styles and varietals of the most symbolic wines of Portugal, from the rich red Alentejos to the crisp Vinho Verdes of the north.

By the end of the meal, you’ll be an expert in Portuguese wine and food culture. We recommend this tour at the start of the trip so that you can use your new-found knowledge throughout the rest of your travels throughout Portugal!

New experiences designed for you

These new experiences in Portugal are great additions to a bespoke holiday. Please contact us to learn more! We have even more options for every type of traveler, and are eager and ready to make your travel dreams come true.

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