Fall Wine Routes: Douro Valley, Portugal

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The Douro Valley is one of Portugal’s most requested regions. The Douro wine region is one of the most famous wine-producing and wine trade places in Portugal.

Douro Valley starts around the Douro River and the gorgeous city of Porto. Porto, one of Portugal’s most famous cities, has also played a big role in the production of excellent wines. The slope of the Douro River transforms the land into terraces that increase wine cultivation. This creates truly spectacular landscapes.

This area of Portugal is worth a visit for any traveler, but for wine lovers, it is a very special stop.

As the harvest season winds to a close, we are focusing on some of our favorite destinations for fall wine routes. These are destinations that wine lovers love – and ones that especially come to life in the fall, when things are slowing down in other regions.

This week, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about the Douro Valley. We can arrange so much for travelers here. All of our vacations designed to your travel dreams and wishes. If there is anything you see here that piques your interest or wanderlust, let us know! We’d love to show you what the Douro Valley can offer.

Get to know the Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is home to the River Douro. For almost 70 miles the river forms part of the border between Spain and Portugal. The authority of the Douro Internacional Park protects this area today.

The production of Port is the main wine of the Douro River and the Douro Valley. This is a sweet wine that has been produced for two thousand years. The area is also a UNESCO world heritage site. This is for its cultural significance.

There are so many reasons this landscape is so special.

First, the spectacular landscape has nearly vertical steep terraces. They are full of vines and vineyards, called quintas, where many also offer accommodation choices. Second, the hills fall steeply to the river edge. The region becomes less populated as it travels inland from the coast. Finally, this amazing scenery transforms itself in to the perfect place to explore and taste the wine and gastronomy of the region.

To start, perhaps try the local presunto (smoked hams) and chouriço (spicy sausages). Continuing, many of the quintas offer port and wine tasting sessions. It’s a true paradise for foodies!

Where to stay

The Six Senses Douro Valley is our choice for accommodations in the area.
For an eco-conscious trip to wine country, look no farther than Six Senses Douro Valley. Localness, freshness, and quality go into its cultivation of wine, food, and overall well-being. Go canoeing, kayaking, and tree climbing; or get grounded with yogic detox programs and an alchemy bar for blending body treatments. The grape is sovereign here, with a wine library for tastings and an extensive cellar. The Vale de Abraão Restaurant uses produce from the organic garden. Discover citrus-based spa treatments, or take a river cruise, or a helicopter tour to fully absorb the Douro.

Special activities in the Douro Valley

Winemaker for a day

Create your own wine in a special and exciting activity!

We invite you to enter the world of wine and experience being a winemaker for a day. This is in an activity that seeks to highlight one of the main success factors of Portuguese wines, the art of blending. In this totally private and exclusive experience, you will enjoy a visit with a wine educator who will help you discover the Douro’s delicious nectars. All this in an idyllic setting, accompanied by the stunning landscape of the vineyards overlooking the Douro River.

Private excursion in the Douro Valley and river cruise

This morning you will embark on a 90-minute boat ride on the Douro river, in which you will have the chance to dazzle with the beautiful landscape of the Douro Valley.

The River Douro rises in Spain and flows more or less East / West across Northern Portugal reaching the sea at Portugal’s second city, Oporto. Once a fast-flowing river of rapids and narrow ravines it has been tamed over the past 25 years by the construction of 8 dams along its length giving it, in most places, a tranquil, lake-like appearance. The valley is spectacularly beautiful with the hills falling steeply down to the water’s edge becoming more and more sparsely populated and wild the further inland one travels, with more of the land being given over to terraces of vines and, to a lesser extent, olive groves.

This is Port Wine country and was, in fact, the world’s first demarcated wine region being established in 1756. The color of the land changes throughout the year as the vines mature.

Fall wine routes, tailor made

The Douro Valley is a great choice for a tailor made wine lover’s vacation. It’s also easily added on to a longer Portuguese itinerary.

There are so many reasons why working with Bella Vita is the right choice in the Douro Valley. First, our ability to create 100% custom itineraries including accommodations, guides, drivers, and experiences. Secondly, these itineraries are based around your travel preferences and our first-hand experiences and knowledge. Thirdly, we have developed a vast network of partners in the destinations we send clients. Additionally, we form our own opinions based solely on-location research. And last but not least, we work with partners who provide the only highest standard of quality and service.

We can add or tailor anything you wish in this trip. We hope we gave some travel inspiration for wine lovers – we cannot wait to show you what we can do in the Douro Valley!

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