City Breaks: Turin, Italy

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Turin, or Torino in Italian, is one of Italy’s most underrated cities. This elegant northern Italian destination is the perfect choice for a city break. On its own as a short city trip in the fall or winter, or paired with a longer tailor made itinerary, there are so many activities and things to see here.

The past few weeks we have been sharing some of our favorite destinations for a city break. Turin is a great choice in Northern Italy!

Turin, located in the northwestern corner of Italy near Switzerland, is a place that many travelers overlook when planning their Italy vacations. In a country full of cities like Rome and Venice, it can be hard for Turin to compete. However, this destination is truly special. Unique cuisine and amazing food, elegant boulevards and shops reminiscent of Vienna or Paris, spectacular museums and sites. As well, it also has great transportation connections to the rest of Italy and Europe.

Turin is a great choice for a city break!

What to see in the city

Museo Egizio

The Egyptian Museum’s superb collection includes statues of pharaohs and mummies and entire frescoes taken from royal tombs—all in all, it’s one of the world’s finest and largest museums of its kind.

Museum of Cinema

Located in the Mole Antonelliana this fantastic museum features old equipment and paraphanilia of both hollywood but mostly Italian films. Inside the museum there is also a panoramic elevator with transparent glass walls, that cover its 75 meters ride in 59 seconds.

Museo dell’Automobile of Turin

Considering Torino is the “motor city” of Italy, no visit would be complete without a visit to the Car Museum. It has perfectly preserved Bugattis, Ferraris, and Isotta Fraschinis. You really get a sense of just how important FIAT (and other car companies) are to the city’s economy.

Bicerin and Stuzzichini

Bicerin is the name of a layered espresso, chocolate and cream drink. It is also the name of a café founded in 1763 and still dishing up this drink. Torino, like Vienna, is well known for its café culture. There are far too many fine cafes to name! A table under the porticoes at Café Torino affords great views of the passersby. During autumn and winter, the scent of roasted chestnuts fills the air.

I Murazzi

Beneath the sprawling Piazza Vittorio Veneto are I Murazzi. They were built as support for the square above and serving as below ground storage, too. The storage areas open onto the promenade along the Po River and now house clubs, bars and restaurants. This is the heart of Torino’s late-night life and is buzzing from about 10 or 11 p.m. until the sun comes up.


Juvarra, architect to the Savoy court, built this lovely domed basilica. It also houses the Savoy family tomb. It is atop a hill high above Torino and visiting it affords stunning views in all directions. Best of all, there is the Sassi-Suberga cog train to take you up there.

Day trips from Turin

A fabulous Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tour of the region.

Enjoy a private guided tour to discover Piedmont’s genuine products: sought-after wines, cheese, and chocolate. First, visit a local chocolate maker where you can try and buy different kinds of chocolates, included the renowned Baci di Cherasco (Cherasco’s kisses). Secondly, visit cheese producer in Bra, the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement. Lastly, sightseeing in the Barolo area with a possible stop in La Morra with the scenic “belvedere”. Alternatively, you can choose Barolo with the Falletti castle and the Regional Enoteca of Barolo. Of course, all these visits will include wonderful tastings of the local products. Afterward, you can return to your hotel full of wonderful food and memories to remember!

A Day of Truffle Hunting and Eating

The beautiful Monferrato landscape will be the backdrop for the day. Join a “trifolau” and his truffle dog for a hunt through the woods for the famous white truffles in the region. Afterward, you will have lunch at a local farmhouse. Here feast on a traditional home-cooked Piemontese meal served with fresh White Truffle and wines.

City breaks, always tailor made

A few days in Rome? Or even head to France or Austria? The choice is yours! All our trips are tailor made and can be designed as you wish.

Turin is a great choice for a city break!

We hope that these itinerary ideas provided some travel inspiration for your upcoming fall and winter. As always, its our mission and promise to make your Mediterranean travel dreams come true!

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