New Experiences: Tailor made Southern Italy

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Over the past two months, we shared with you our new tours and experiences in the Mediterranean. These are ideas brought about during our global lockdown. While we were all sheltering in place, the travel industry kept moving behind the scenes. Along with our expert guides and trusted local partners, we have added some spectacular new proposals to our portfolio.

This week, to finish up our series, we are focusing on southern Italy. The south of Italy has so much to offer. Beautiful stretches of coastline, historical cities and towns and a hospitality known worldwide. These new experiences are the perfect way to explore the beautiful south!

International travel finally does not seem so far away. Many clients are curious to experience a destination in a richer and more meaningful way. We have never appreciated more the freedom to travel. This means that experiences have a higher value over bucket lists. Since your time is so precious, Bella Vita can ensure that tour vacation is perfect, unique and special. Hence, we are happy to offer these new tours that will let you see a destination in a unique and new way.

As always, all of our trips are completely tailored to your interests. These new tours are just an idea of what we can offer. If there is anything else you have been dreaming of the past year at home, we are happy to make your Southern Italian dreams come true!

Amalfi Coast Limoncello Experience

Today you will have a special experience exploring the Amalfi coast area and experiencing one of Italy’s most iconic areas. Take a ride in a vintage Italian dream, an original Fiat 500 where you will enjoy a glamorous drive around town. Your guide and driver will bring you around town beeping our vintage horn while tourists take pictures of us in the little fiat driving by.

After, we will stop on the higher part of Positano to visit a little liquor/limoncello factory where the owner will take you on a short tour of the place. He will explain to you the process and the secret of making the best limoncello and will give you some samples of the famous liquor. To conclude the day, we will stop at an amazing lookout point to take some pictures and have a view that you will never forget!  

Amalfi Coast in a day Boat and Drive

In this combined tour we start (from Positano, Praiano or Sorrento) by boat, riding along the Amalfi coast. You will stop at famous sites such as the fiord of Furore and other little bays. Here, you can go for a beautiful swim in one of the most famous and glamorous parts of the world. Back on board you can enjoy a prosecco or a beer before you continue the day. This tour is ideal for those who don’t have much time but want to experience as much as possible!

After, your boat will drop you off in Amalfi or Atrani where your driver will be waiting! He will escort you up to Ravello and Scala where you can explore for a couple of hours. When you are ready, you will have lunch at a spectacular local restaurant. You can sample what foods make this region so special! Finally, we can tailor the end of the day how you prefer. You can ride back down to the port and return to your base village by boat. Or, if you prefer to keep driving, our driver will take you back to your accommodation.

Experience the magic of local coral in Sciacca, Sicily

The village of Sciacca is located in the southwestern corner of the Mediterranean island of Sicily. This historic town has a position that overlooks the beautiful blue sea. In this unique tour, you will start the day with a visit to the heart of the village. The town center has picture perfect streets and alleyways, breathtaking churches and grand old palaces of noble families.

After exploring, you will begin our activity for the day. Sciacca coral and the art of engraving it is one of the most precious and prized in Italy. We will visit firsthand the studio of a local artisan. Here, you will discover the history of these coral reefs. He will give you a lesson on the characteristics of the coral. Then, you will learn how this art takes life. To conclude, you will see and experience the different aspects of this work. You will learn all about the special art of coral cleaning and engraving.

For the perfect memory, we can also make your experience into a full day tour and give you a once in a life time opportunity. Along with our local artisan, you can then create a customized piece of jewelry as a keepsake of your visit.

Palermo and the mafia: Voices that fight

Palermo in recent history has been the stage for scenes that marred and marked the history of the island of Sicily. They experienced attacks and criminal activity as well as famous connections between the Mafia and politicians. Sadly, this deeply affected the identity of the city.

In todays tour, we will introduce you to the mafia and it’s sad, devastating history. First, we start with the origins and finish up to the present day. We will also visit several important sites in the city like the Falcone and Borsellino Museum. We will also go inside the Court of Palermo. Here, you will meet some of the people affected by these deadly attacks, one of the collaborators of the judges. You will listen to the testimony of the grandson of the Judge Rocco Chinnici. He was sadly a victim of one of the most violent attacks.

This is a truly unique, sober and emotional experience. For those who are fascinated with history or the mafia, this is an experience you will not forget. The mafia is not a film, it is a tragic history and this is an important part of learning about life once in Palermo. You will be in contact with those who lived through this period firsthand, and those who were in the frontlines against this foe that threatened the wellbeing and lives of all Sicilians.

7-day Unique Sporades Sailing Experience for the Whole Family

This is indeed a very special treat for everyone! Family sailing with all the luxuries and conveniences of a boutique hotel but on a yacht. Sailing in a small fleet of vessels, guests will have a chance to enjoy the best of the Aeolian Islands in a luxury charter yacht. These islands are Salina, Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli.

For the kids, there is a special program just for them. There are all-day sailing lessons, activities, and games at the Kid’s Club! The club is on a dedicated 15-meter boat with a skipper/sailing coach and animators.

And for the adults, we have created the ultimate yacht holiday. First, there is spectacular fresh gourmet Italian cuisine. Second, a Skipper for each yacht to sail and explore as you wish, a designated hostess. Finally, plenty of water sports and activities to get your feet wet. Availability is very limited so plan well in advance for this new and amazing experience!

Art, Stone and Cuisine experience in Lecce, Puglia

This experience is a full day laboratory experience that combines sculpture, visual arts and cooking. The program includes a visit to the Petre sculpture workshop by Renzo Buttazzo located in Cavallino and consisting of a small private park where several works are also located. We begin a journey in which we touch the processing of Lecce stone by hand. We experiment manually with the processes and techniques that the artist uses up to the realization of an improvised sculpture at the moment by the guest.

Then we visit the creative laboratory of the artist Lara Bobbio in which the different forms of visual arts that use color, lights, shadows and other modern materials are presented. All this, following the common thread created by the storytelling that the artists carry out during the visit.

Afterwards, we move to a typical restaurant in Lecce where the chef welcomes guests with his particular charm. The gastronomic experience, which include a 3 course lunch, is completed with the narration of the ingredients and the dishes served in such a way as to finish a memorable day perfectly.

New experiences in Southern Italy designed just for you

If any of these tours look like the perfect addition to a magical southern Italian holiday, please contact us to learn more. These tours are just a few of the unique and special experiences that we and our partners have come up with. There are numerous options to add, and we are happy and eager to help make your travel dreams come true.

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