Best Family Beach: Portugal and Morocco

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Many clients planning a tailor made family vacation ask for beach destinations in their itinerary. There are so many beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean! Surrounded by amazing beaches, there is such a vast choice in the destinations we visit. An expert travel planner like Bella Vita Travels can help you pick the perfect beach destination for a family.

A beach holiday with kids of all ages and even older relatives has its own unique set of challenges. That doesn’t mean it has to be difficult! We have personally researched and visited the places we send our clients to. This means that your trip is worry free and seamless. You can concentrate on your family and enjoy your vacation while Bella Vita does the work!

This month, we are sharing some of our personal favorite family beach spots. First, we started with Italy. Then last week, we focused on France. This week, we are sharing some great family beach holiday destinations in Portugal and Morocco!

Read on for some of our top choices…

Family beach in Algarve: Praia Da Rocha, Portugal

A family beach in Portugal can be quite different from its neighbor countries. Since Portugal is on the Atlantic coast, many beaches can have strong waves. Families should also look out for lots of stairs and slippery rocks. Make sure to look out for a lifeguard and any warnings about riptides.

With this in mind, the Algarve is an incredible beach destination. For the littlest ones, the gorgeous Algarve beach area needs some organization, but for kids that can walk, it can be a paradise.

Praia Da Rocha is one of the Algarve regions most famous stops. There is a long, golden stretch of sand that has enough room for families. Even in the busiest summer period, it’s not hard to find a spot. For those looking for more quiet, the west coast of the beach is dotted with caves. These are great for beachcombers. This family beach also has surf lessons and beach volleyball. For families with older children, it is a great choice.

Praia Da Luz, Portugal

This is a great beach choice for families with smaller kids. The beach is accessible by a ramp, so those with a stroller can easily get to it. The beach is a long stretch of golden sand that makes this area so famous. There are lots of restaurants and shops not far from the beach. You can also rent little paddle boats, which is one of our personal favorite activities with our kids!

Praia do Anção, Faro, Portugal

This is one of the most popular choices for a family beach in Portugal. The water is usually calm, which makes it great for kids, and there are lifeguards on duty. The beach itself is picturesque, and the dunes behind it are a protected nature area. This means the coast isn’t build up with buildings and keeps a peaceful atmosphere. There are also options to rend umbrellas and sun beds. Snack bars and small beach restaurants mean that you can spend the whole day here at the beach!

Farol Beach, Altentejo, Portugal

The west coast of Portugal and the Altentejo region can have rough coast lines. Famous for their surf, this can make finding a family beach challenging. We love Farol beach, its the perfect choice for families with kids in the area. The beach is named after the famous lighthouse behind the beach.

Backed by dunes, the water is calm and clear. With lots of options for restaurants in the area, there is also one directly on the beach. This means that parents can watch the little ones playing in the shallow water directly from their table while having a break – after all, it’s a vacation for the whole family!

Oualidia, Morocco

Many don’t think of the beach immediately when they think of vibrant, colorful Morocco. However, the charming town of Oualidia is a great spot for families in Morocco who want to add on a family beach day. It has a golden sand beach that stretches around a lagoon so it is protected from rougher seas by a natural rock barrier.

The surrounding wetlands and lagoon are also host to an incredible variety of birds like egrets and even pink flamingos.  Kids of all ages love gazing at the amazing wildlife on the sea!

Your perfect family beach

These wonderful beaches are the perfect spot for your next family holiday. Please contact us to learn more. There are so many options to add on to a tailor made vacation, and we are happy and eager to help make your travel dreams come true.

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