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Morocco in itself is something of a hidden gem.  It’s a country that our clients have just started discovering, and it’s a varied destination that never ceases to amaze.  In this small Northern African country, there is an almost unparalleled variety of landscapes, traditions, historical sites and breathtaking views. There are a wealth of unforgettable experiences we can organize for our clients.  Many plan a tailor made Moroccan vacation with expectations that we love to upend. For example, one of our favorite “hidden gems” in this jewel of a country often associated with the desert is the seaside city of Oualidia.

When imagining a trip to Morocco, few immediately think of a beach destination. So what makes Morocco so special? It is as much a nation of the sea as it is of the desert, the mountains, the souks and cities.  Therefore, Oualidia is a coastal city that is the perfect add-on to a trip departing (or arriving) from Casablanca. It is an amazing respite from the hectic liveliness of Moroccan cities. 

This charming town has soft, golden sand beaches that stretch around a lagoon, protected from rougher seas by a natural rock barrier. This means a great choice for families.  The surrounding wetlands and lagoon are also host to an incredible variety of birds like egrets and even pink flamingos.  This marine area is also famous for another thing – oysters. 

The “oyster capital” of Morocco is home to a great selection of seafood restaurants along the lagoon.  It also has some of the best weather in the country.  Boasting 320 days of sunshine a year and pleasant year round temperatures (it’s usually never below 55 F in the winter or above 80 F in the summer).  For our more active guests, it’s a great destination to try your hand at kayaking or a surf lesson, and for those who prefer to really take it easy, a plate of local oysters and a glass of local white wine at sunset on the lagoon might be the perfect fit.  It’s no wonder Oualidia is such a popular resort town with locals from Casablanca and Marrakesh!

We also love Oualidia because it is home to one of our favorite luxury hotels in the country, La Sultana.  This 12-room oasis is the perfect place to relax by the lagoon. It is full of unique elements! The perfect combination of respect for the nature surrounding the hotel and understated elegance.

Oualidia is a destination that few tourists, outside of Morocco, add to their travel plans. At least for now! This up-and-coming travel destination really does offer so much for a first-time visitor, but it truly is a hidden gem.  A rare, special destination just the right about of “off the beaten path” that will add a special memory to your tailor made Moroccan holiday.

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