Venice, Italy: the perfect long weekend

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Arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is the perfect choice for a short trip. This spectacular city in the water is the perfect size for a 4 day, 3 night mini-vacation. There are so many things to see that even the most curious visitor will never get bored. However, it is also small enough that you won’t be overwhelmed.

This month, we are sharing some great itinerary ideas for a shorter trip to some of our favorite cities, starting with beautiful Venice.

Venice is a great idea for a long weekend but also as part of a longer holiday! Your vacation is up to you since all of our trips are tailor made. This means that if your dream holiday is a longer trip, we can add a few days then explore some of the rest of Italy. A trip after to the Valpolicella or even a high speed train south to Florence or Rome? Or even across the border to Slovenia or a short flight to Croatia…? The options are endless!

Welcome to Venice

On your arrival day, our private water taxi will meet you upon arrival at the Venice train station or even airport (depending on where you are coming from) and bring you by boat to your accommodations in this enchanting city in the water.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of accommodations in Venice. It’s a city we know well and love to visit, so these are hotels and bed and breakfasts that we personally stay in when we are in the city. Clients love spectacular 5-star hotels like Ca’ Sagredo or world famous luxury like the iconic Cipriani. Others prefer the style of stylish bed and breakfasts like the charming Corte di Gabriela. Venice offers something for every type of traveler!

After settling in, our local, expert guide will lead you through the side streets and canals of Venice in the early evening with our private cicchetti stroll. This is when the locals are heading out for their after work cicchetti “snack”! Our guide will bring you to some of our favorite places to taste these traditional, Venetian specialties. You’ll have some good ideas where to stop for the next few nights of your stay, and you’ll be feeling (and eating) like a Venetian in no time!

Day 2: See Venice from a different perspective

Exploring the islands

Enjoy a complete introduction to Venice in just four hours with our All about Venice Tour with our private guide. This excursion includes St. Mark’s Square and the interior of the Basilica with an overview of all its most famous monuments. Then, it is time to board a private boat to cruise parts of the Grand Canal. It is still the main thoroughfare. You can admire the homes of the rich and powerful in past and present Venice. You will also explore some of the narrow canals where public ferries are not allowed to go!

Last but not least, continue to visit the island of Murano, known for its glassblowing for 800 years. The tour concludes at the Rialto, the bustling “heart” of Venice.

Learn to row!

Late afternoon, you will experience our favorite activity during a Venetian Rowing Lesson while you learn to row like a gondolier! You’ll have the chance to navigate the canals like a local and explore the lagoon. You’ll get to practice while gliding along a wide, quiet canal.

Then you will cross then into the open lagoon, where you’ll be encouraged to try rowing a poppa — steering the boat yourself at the stern, just like a gondolier. After, return back through the evocative side canals back to the drop-off point.

Day 3: Unforgettable excursions

Wine tastings and picnic lunch

One of the most special gastronomic experiences in Venice takes place in the lagoon in the little island of Mazzorbo. This sleepy island is a quiet contrast to the bustling city center and known for its famous restaurant, Venissa . The Michelin starred restaurant has a gorgeous garden setting, and a terrace overlooking the vineyard which grows a historic Venetian white grape called Dorona. After the boat ride to the island, we can arrange a wine tasting or pairing lunch in the afternoon.

Or even more unique? On board a small bragozzo (the traditional wooden sailboats used by lagoon fishermen) you can enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by the team at their Osteria Contemporanea. 

Artisanal experiences

In the late afternoon, we can arrange a special walk to discover the oldest and still active crafts of Venice. With a local guide, you will discover some of Venice’s most special crafts in our private tour of venetian artisans. Between a “calle” (alley) and a “calletta” (small alley), walking through the most traditional districts of the city, and visiting the Venetian artisans’ workshops. Starting from the “squerariol”, gondola manufacturer, to the “remer”, oars and rowlocks, and on to the “mascarer”, creator of Carnival masks. Last but not least, a visit to the most ancient weaving factory and to the atelier of the last local woodcarver.

Day 4: Alla prossima, Venice

Depending on your departure time from this unforgettable city, we can arrange an early morning Rialto market tour, free time for some last minute shopping, a short but special tour of the famous Doge’s Palace…

Or simply rest up in your hotel for your departure or the next part of your adventure. Your private water taxi will arrive right at your hotel to bring you to the train station or airport for wherever your trip takes you.

Always tailor made

We hope that these tours and excursions gave you some ideas for a trip to Venice. Be it a few days here (even a week, we really do love this city) or as part of a longer Italian itinerary, its a stop you cannot miss. These tours are just a handful of what we can organize for you. All of our trips are completely tailored to your travel dreams and wishes!

It is our mission and promise to make your Mediterranean travel dreams come true! If Venice is the solution to your wanderlust, we are waiting to hear from you!

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