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Though many of you are still dreaming of future vacations from your homes, the Mediterranean is starting to travel again. We are all hopeful that our clients, friends and family will soon be able to join us.  This month, we’ve spoken with some of our close travel partners at some very special hotels and asked them to tell us makes them so special.  These hotels and accommodations are places that we personally love to stay and that our clients continually rave about. They are exclusive properties that make up some of our curated list of accommodations in the Mediterranean.  This month, we spoke to a few of our favorites in vibrant, sunny Spain and they shared why these locations are your perfect location for a future Spanish holiday.

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La Fuente de la Higuera, Ronda, Spain
What’s special about the particular region?

Set amid the mountains, Ronda has an incredibly scenic location. Its Moorish and Christian legacy give it a wealth of history and culture. You can explore its tight narrow streets, you’ll encounter Spain’s second-oldest bull ring and a well-preserved Islamic bathhouse dating back to the 13th century. There are fantastic food options in the area. Additionally, the wine scene is one of the hottest in Spain right now, as the big names look to carve out some hectares in the rolling hills of Ronda.

What type of client usually stays at the hotel?

La Fuente de la Higuera is a gorgeous countryside property set within 10 hectares of olive groves. It almost always strikes a winning chord with discerning and sophisticated travelers who wish to escape the world of chain hotels. It is considered amongst the most unique hotels in Spain.

What different services does the hotel offer?

Attention to detail and good taste is reflected in the rooms with their original paintings, furniture, and boarded flooring. Many have a private garden or terrace. The suites also offer open fireplaces and luxurious bathrooms with copper bathtubs. There’s an excellent terrace restaurant above the pool (chef Pablo trained at Celler de Can Roca – once rated the World’s Best Restaurant). You will also find an honor bar in the small library with the choice between helping yourself or letting the staff pamper you.

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What is the best time of year to visit?

While the weather in Ronda is typical of Andalucía, its setting high in the mountains generates unique weather patterns and the seasons often blend into one. If you’re looking for warm, dry weather then August or September are the best months to visit.

Tell us about the hotel’s unique philosophy.

When you arrive at La Fuente de la Higuera you instinctively you relax and allow the charm of rural Andalucia to envelop you. Owner’s Pom and Tina are fun and breathe their personality into this fabulous country hotel.

Anything else that you would like us and our clients to know would also be appreciated.

Ronda is just 15 minutes away by road and if you don’t have a driver or your own vehicle, the staff can easily order a taxi.

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The Serras, Barcelona, Spain
What’s special about the particular region?

With its enchanting Gothic quarter, lively cosmopolitan streets, spectacular modern structures, relentless creative spirit and cutting-edge cuisine, Barcelona is a really fascinating place to visit.

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What type of client usually stays at the hotel?

The Serras is an elegant Grand Luxury five-star boutique hotel overlooking Port Vell and the Mediterranean is a unique hideaway with modern understated decor. It’s great for travelers who want contemporary luxury with a hint of history. The building dates back to 1846. Pablo Picasso – one of the 20th century’s most renowned artists – had his first studio here. We are often awarded for being one of the best hotels in Spain.

What different services does the hotel offer?

The Serras boasts a cool, trendy atmosphere and world-class amenities. It includes infinity pool and a Michelin-starred chef whose gastronomic delights are bound to impress.

What is the best time of year to visit your region and your hotel?

Barcelona enjoys moderate temperatures all year round. In spring and summer, you can take advantage of the terrazas and squares or head down to the beach.  While in autumn and winter as things calm down after the heat and crowds of summer, you can try seasonal treats like roasted chestnuts or churros with hot chocolate.

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Casa 1800, Granada, Spain
What’s special about the particular region?

People come to Granada from all over the world to see and visit one of the world’s most stunning monuments, the Alhambra. With its spectacular location, high on a hilltop with the Sierra Nevada mountains rising in the background, the Alhambra is highly impressive from afar. Once within its walls, there are so many delights to revel. We highly recommended this with an expert guide. The ornately decorated Casa Real, the intricately adorned chambers, the leafy gardens of the Generalife and the old walls of the fortress Alcazaba are just some of the treasures within.

What type of client usually stays at the hotel?

Hotel Casa 1800 is a charming 25-room hotel in a traditional 16th-century Granada townhouse. It is located at the foot of the Albaicin neighborhood in Granada. It’s great for travelers who want to immerse themselves in Moorish history. We considered it one of the truly special hotels in Spain.

What is the best time of year to visit?

June is a great month to visit. You can enjoy the Feria del Corpus Christi or the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza. The latter includes performances at the Alhambra. Autumn is perfect for sightseeing with the weather still warm and sunny. A visit in winter is when you can combine a city break with skiing in the nearby Sierra Nevada.

Anything else that you would like us and our clients to know would also be appreciated.

Each bedroom at Casa 1800 is unique. Some have views of the Alhambra.  Others opening onto a central courtyard, where complementary afternoon tea is served.

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Gran Hotel Inglés, Madrid, Spain
What’s special about the particular region?

Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant and seductive cities. It is a city with a charming and infectious atmosphere that the visitor can immediately sense, feel a part of and enjoy. A city that takes unabashed pleasure in its past traditions. It is proud to display a wealth of cultural treasures and architectural glories. Each neighborhood has a flavor all its own. The city wonderfully juxtaposes its grandeur with elegant marble statues, spectacular fountains and the awe-inspiring Royal Palace. The other side includes lively bohemian districts, where funky restaurants and cafes are sprouting up between old established local favorites.

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What different services does the hotel offer?

The lobby at the Gran Hotel Inglés sparkles with original chandeliers. Its 43 bedrooms and 5 suites are swathed in leather and marble, with wallpaper prints of vintage hotel postcards and standalone bathtubs. In addition to a small fitness center, the basement holds the Egoïste Spa and jacuzzi room. The hotel’s main restaurant, Lobo 8, has a private-club vibe. Here you can enjoy booth seating and a cozy atmosphere.  Chef Willy Moya’s menu is an updated take on Spanish classics including calamari sandwiches, and braised bull-tail stew. All of these amenities help us stand out as a leading hotel in the city and in Spain. 

What is the best time of year to visit?

Madrid can get unbearably hot in the summer, so the ideal time to visit is spring or autumn. For those who love crisp cold days with plenty of blue skies and winter sunshine, December, January, and February are ideal.

Anything else that you would like us and our clients to know would also be appreciated.

The Gran Hotel Inglés is the oldest hotel in Madrid, having first opened its doors in 1886. In the heart of the historic Barrio de Las Letras, the literary quarter, and just a few minutes by foot from the central Puerta del Sol, Gran Hotel Inglés is reported to have hosted the good and the great over its 130-year history, including Virginia Woolf and Henri Matisse.

In conclusion, travel is an amazing experience that can be truly life-changing. Yet it’s also an experience that is deeply personal.  We all have different travel styles, preferences and vacation dreams. One of the most important parts of designing a tailor made vacation for our clients is choosing the perfect accommodation that fits your wishes.

Our trips are never “one size fits all”. And just like you, our clients, our hotels and bed and breakfasts also have their own personalities and styles.  Through decades of personal research and travel, we have been able to hand select accommodations throughout the Mediterranean that we know are the very best, and share them with our clients.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about our favorite hotels in Spain.

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