Our favorite islands: Corfu, Greece

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Corfu, Greece is one of the most beautiful and romantic Greek islands. Located in the Ioanian island group, it is a great choice for a tailor made vacation. We love Corfu. It’s not as world famous as other islands like Mykonos and Santorini, but it is an incredibly special spot.

This month, we’ve been sharing some of our favorite islands in the Mediterranean. There are lush green hills and gorgeous beaches, interesting museums and historical towns. This island has something for every type of traveler. It’s time to get to know Corfu!

A bit about Corfu

This was Odysseeus’ last stop on his long journey home to Ithaca. For centuries, Corfu is the most famous of the Ionian islands. Its coastline is incredibly diverse. There are golden sandy beaches, romantic pebbled coves and crystal blue waters perfect for snorkeling. The beaches have a total length of 134 miles. If you head inland the scenery is just as gorgeous. It has a mountainous terrain mainly in the northern part, with its highest peak being Pantokratoras. It’s an authentic island with traditional mountain villages. In many, you’ll still see locals in traditional Corfiot costumes and even donkeys along the dirt roads. It’s like a piece of Greek island life that time has not touched.

What to see on Corfu

Corfu town

Strongly influenced by the Venetians, the French and the English, Corfu Town is place you cannot miss. First, start by exploring the forts. Venetian engineers designed the three forts of the town. They were used for centuries to defend the interests of the Republic of Venice against the Ottoman Empire. As time went on, the forts have been repaired and rebuilt several times, more recently in the 19th century. These all make the old town of Corfu a UNESCO world heritage site.

Second, wander in the charming cobblestone alleys. To continue, visit museums – there are many. Then, enjoy the Liston promenade. Finally, explore the famous Spianada square…there is so much to do! The magnificent past and diverse history of the island is seen in stately palaces, noble mansions, and charming squares.

The beaches

Canal d’Amor

Sidari’s repulation as a party resort is not for everyone. However, what makes it unique is its unbelievable rock formations. Here Canal d’Amour you can find a particular rectangular creek with layered, sand-colored walls. Over time, the sea weathered down the rock, and near the entrance to the creek is a tunnel. On a calm day, the sea is flat enough that you can swim through the tunnel. Be careful, though – local legend says any couples that swim through here will soon get married!

Paleokastritsa beach

Paleokastritsa is a wonderful spot. There are many local taverns along the bay bay. Also, six sandy and pebbled beaches all around the area. Olive tree forests line the beaches, which is beautiful – and shady!

This resort area runs along a coastal road. A drive here provides views of beautiful bays and a picturesque harbor. Here, you can take a boat tour to the nearby isolated beaches.

The main beach of Paleokastritsa is tiny and known for having cooler waters but a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy the scenery. It is one of the best beaches in all of the Greek islands.

Mirtiotissa beach

At the bottom of the green cliffs beneath the Mirtiotissa Monastery is a beautiful little beach. Mirtiotissa has a small strip of fine sand with crystal clear waters. Protected by rocks not far from the shore, its a secluded spot. Due to such, it has become the beach of naturists on Corfu. Of course, everyone else is free to use the beach as well – just be aware if you want to see this gorgeous spot!

Mouse Island

A short and inexpensive boat ride brings you to this small island. Here, there is a 12th-century Byzantine monastery with pine and cypress trees. According to Greek legend the boat of Odysseus was turned into this island by Poseidon. The island gets its name from the fact that it looks like a mouse when seen from above!


In the northeast of the island, looking across the straits of Corfu to Albania, Kassiopi is a traditional fishing village that has grown into a low-key resort. At the center of the peninsula is Kassiopi Castle, which has Byzantine origins from the 6th century. It was one of three strongholds that defended Corfu before the Venetians arrived in the 14th century. A partial ruin, the castle is still an imposing presence, with more than one kilometer of walls and 19 towers around a rectangular plan.

There are so many options for your trip to Corfu – and we cannot wait to help you decide! 

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