Our favorite islands: Menorca, Spain

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The island of Menorca has something to offer everyone. Dramatically different from its neighbors, Mallorca (Majorca) and Ibiza, its a great choice for a low-key holiday. There are so many reasons to choose Menorca for a tailor made Spanish vacation. This week, we are sharing why Menorca is one of our favorite islands!

Why visit Menorca?

Located off the coast of Spain, Menorca makes up one of the Mediterranean’s most famous island groups. The Balearic Islands are a summer destination that is unmatched! Each of the islands has its own personality. Ibiza is famous for its DJ’s and club scene. Formentera is a sort of free spirit. Menroca, instead, is a slower paced island with something for everyone!

The islands’ culture and cuisine are similar to those of the rest of Spain but have their own distinctive features.

Menorca is designated a biosphere. This protects the delicate environment of the island and preserves the countryside. This also means that for clients looking for nature, there are amazing birdwatching opportunities as well as wild flowers and island vegetation.

For more sporty guests, Menorca offers water sports, cycling and hiking routes, golf and much more for those seeking a more active holiday.

What to see in Menorca

Mahón & Ciudadela

These two cities are great ideas to visit on the island.

The capital, Mahón, has many buildings dating from the period of British occupation and is known for its incredible architecture. Mahón has one of the longest natural harbous in the world – 3 miles long and up to 3,000 feet wide. Some of the architectural attractions include the Town Hall (Casa Consistorial), the Church of Santa Maria and the Church of San Francisco. You can also take a historical guided boat trip around the harbor.

The island’s highway links Mahón with the older town of Ciudadela (the former capital) on the opposite side of the island. Ciudadela is home to a 14th century cathedral. There are also many stately, elegant palaces and several medieval churches.

Beaches on Menorca

The island known for its beaches. There is a choice for everyone. With over 40 beaches that are long and sandy, families love it here. There are also rocky, turquoise-watered bays called “calas” which are great for snorkeling.

The bigger the beach, the more likely you will find sport activities like paddle board and kayak rentals, along with playgrounds and lifeguards.

Most beaches have easy restaurants and bars giving you a nice break from the sun!

Active guests on the island

There is so much to do for those who want a more active holiday. There are truly so many options it is impossible to choose! From riding schools to tennis, and of course golf clubs. For those who love water sports – diving, windsurfing, fishing and sailing.

If you enjoy fishing, then Menorca is the perfect destination. We can arrange some amazing day tours for you! Rock fishing is very popular, also a longer boat tour paired with lunch and an expert captain and crew.

Cycling is also a popular sport in Menorca. There are many day tours of varying difficulty. Novice cyclers might enjoy an e-bike along the quiet roads. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery. One of our favorite parts of a cycling day is stopping at a roadside, family run restaurant in the countryside for a casual and fresh island lunch.

Menorca for foodies

Those of us who travel for the food will find a surprising paradise on the island. Fresh squid, mullet, prawns, mussels and sea bass are local treats. The island’s signature dish is caldereta de llagosta, a beautiful lobster stew, originally prepared for fisherman but now a staple on the island.

Menorca produces some prized dairy products, including the famous Mahon cheese, after the introduction of British cattle centuries ago.

In the 18th century, Menorca started production of gin on the island to satisfy the demand from the British sailors based here. Gin Xoriguer is still sold in traditional earthenware bottles. It’s not mixed with tonic, but with fresh lemonade on the island, and it’s Menorca’s “signature” drink.

There are so many options for your trip to Menorca – and we cannot wait to help you decide! 

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