Rome: Our top picks

Rome is a destination that almost all of our clients visiting Italy want to see. Italy’s bustling capital is a big, moving city, packed with so much history it can take visitors several trips to see all the sites they’ve dreamed of. Hence, Rome can be beautifully intimidating. It’s a city that we know well and try to visit as frequently as we can, and one that, when seen right, can be more enchanting than intimidating.

Many visitors tend to approach Rome with a bit of trepidation. Justifiably so, not every city can boast the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican – just to start! Bella Vita can design your trip to your needs, interests, activity level and travel style. We guarantee that when you see Rome through our eyes, its one of the most amazing treasures of the world

As we have so many clients continually visiting this year-round destination, this week we are sharing some of our things in Rome. To do, to see, to eat, to stay…here are just a few of our favorites in the Eternal City!

Rome: Where to stay

Rome has some of Italy’s most exclusive and luxurious hotels. There is no shortage of places to call your home away from home in enchanting Roma. When you work with Bella Vita, we hand pick properties based on the above mentioned travel criteria. Hotels are as different as our clients, and our vast portfolio in Rome means that we are certain we will find you the perfect place to stay.

Perhaps the iconic Hotel Hassler – it stands at the top of the Spanish Steps as the epitome of “la dolce vita.” The 84 elegant rooms and suites and personalized service guarantee that you won’t be a guest here just once. Or, the Hotel de Russie, a true Roman luminary between Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps. The classical and cosmopolitan come together here at one of the Eternal City’s most prestigious luxury hotels, an enduring favorite of artists and writers, stars and politicians.

Or, perhaps the delightful boutique hotel Palazzo Navona. The rooftop bar and views are spectacular, and the clean, modern design of the rooms is a nice respite from the hectic city.

These are just a few of the many, many places we love in Rome – its impossible to pick a favorite. However, we are eager to advise you on the perfect place for your stay.

What to see

There are so many incredible sites to see in Rome that books cannot even hold all of the travel information and advice. Beyond the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Rome has some truly special corners. Villa Borghese is the green heart of the city, full of fountains, lush green and of course an amazing musuem.  Galleria Borghese has an iconic collection of Italian art which makes it to the list of top museums in Europe. Or, just get lost in the magic of the streets that fold into breathtaking piazza, like romantic and elegant Piazza Navona.

Or, perhaps explore another site in a more tranquil way. Our Private “Before Hours” Morning Vatican Tour is an incredible opportunity that offers a more personal Vatican experience, and the ability to avoid the noisy crowds. You will visit the Sistine Chapel at a more solitary, reflective hour. With our expert guide, you’ll discover masterpieces of the Renaissance as well as ancient statues from the Vatican collections. The tour will conclude in St Peter’s Basilica to admire Michelangelo’s Pietà. Your private guide will also give you access to the Basilica straight from the museums, avoiding the sometimes endless lines.

What to eat in Rome

It wouldn’t be a Roman holiday without tasting your way through the city. The numerous markets, from the Mercato Centrale in the station, to the Mercato Trionfale, are feasts for the senses. Seasonal and regional eating is incredibly important in Italy. When in Rome, do as the Romans do! From artichokes in the Jewish ghetto, to real carbonara and fried supplì, Rome is for food lovers. There are so many incredible restaurants to taste classic Roman food, some with a twist.

Armando al Pantheon is a perennial favorite of ours that needs to be booked quite a bit in advance, as we are not the only ones who love this tiny chapel-turned-restaurant. Or, perhaps the famous Roscioli, always a busting, wonderful dinner in a small grocery. Our detailed destination kit has all our personal favorites in Rome.

Alternatively, for those who travel for the food, our Food tour of Rome is a great way to eat your way through the city. From small, family run spots to street food with historical and charming anecdotes, this is a great introduction to the cuisine of the city.

What to drink in Rome

Besides the famous Italian espresso (or, as we call it, simply caffè), the past decade has seen a huge increase in some unique and innovative places in Rome, from craft beer to natural wine bars.

For a real Italian coffee, we love La Casa del Caffè Tazza d’Oro. You can even have their beans ground to bring home to use in a moka pot, to keep memories of your Roman holiday alive even when you get back. Sant’ Eustachio il Caffè is another personal favorite, and the locations of both cannot be beat – a great stop for a bit of energy while exploring the city.

Latteria Trastevere is a wine bar that specializes in natural wines, and its a peaceful spot for a glass in the heart of busting Trastevere. We also love L’Angolo Divino – this wine shop has been serving since 1946. It has a great selection of Italian and international wines, and wonderful service to match the selection. If beer is more your style, Ma che siete venuti a fa is constantly rated one of the best beer bars in Europe. Or, for cocktails, Rome’s first speakeasy, the Jerry Thomas Project, changed the world of mixology here in Italy over a decade ago.

Tailor made, just for you

These are just a few of our personal favorites in a destination that so many of our clients are headed to this year. Rome is a city that needs to be experienced at least once, and if you are lucky, more than that.

Ask us for more information on how to start planning your tailor made vacation here!

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