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Cruises are the newest addition to the Bella Vita Travels portfolio. As you know, Bella Vita has expanded beyond the Mediterranean. Thanks to our partnerships with Travel Experts and Virtuoso, we are able to offer our clients even more unique and exclusive opportunities for your dream trip. We’ve been booking luxury cruises for clients for some time now. However, we wanted to dedicate more time to fully researching and hand selecting the best options for our clients before fully sharing this exciting news. It’s finally time!

This is a tourism sector that has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. Hoarded on a behemoth ship, all you can eat buffets of subpar food. Even worse, sustainability and crowded shore excursions that leave the local population upset. There are lots of ways a cruise can be done wrong.

Fortunately, there is a sector of cruising that truly changes what one thinks about heading to the water. At Bella Vita, we are thrilled to include these special niche adventures, these luxury cruises, into our travel portfolio.

What are luxury cruises?

Gorgeous staterooms

Think of traveling on a luxurious 5-star hotel…on the sea! A luxury cruise distinguishes itself first by the quality of the accommodations. To start, rooms on most ships are suites, many with large bathrooms and balconies. None of those nightmares in a stateroom with no window! These ships are smaller and more curated. You won’t have 6 pools with water park slides and all day congo lines. You will have hand picked linens, Italian marble, and special touches that simply define pampering. The interiors in the common areas are tranquil and sophisticated, just like the whole experience.

Incredible service on luxury cruises

Furthermore, luxury cruise ships have a staff to guest ratio much lower than a standard cruise ship. Like an exclusive hotel, they pride themselves on guest-staff contact and personally tailored touches. Expect attentive and impeccable service on a cruise like this.

Paradise for food and wine lovers

Going further, luxury cruises are special for other touches on the ship. Food wise, they don’t prize quality over quantity. High end restaurants, many paired with Michelin star chefs, and exclusive top shelf spirits make these true dining destinations. Even more so, wine lovers will be in paradise on the sea with curated wine lists.

Entertainment and educational options

However, these ships are smaller and though they cannot provide Broadway shows, they certainly do not slouch in the entertainment area. Smaller shows, and even educational opportunities can be found on luxury ships. The can educate the guests with special speakers, some on the culture and history of the destinations being visited. It’s another plus for us on a high end ship.

Exclusive destinations

On cruises like this, with smaller ships, more ports and destinations open up. Many oversized boats cannot dock in smaller ports. Being on a smaller ship means that you will be able to explore more unique locations. Also, it makes disembarking in each destination much easier. Being a smaller ship, the land excursions are also unforgettable. Smaller groups mean more special experiences. These cruises cater to a more upmarket clientele and as such, tailor the tours to their needs.

Why use a travel planner for luxury cruises?

First and foremost, your wallet. As preferred partners of luxury cruise lines, this means that we get exclusive access to limited promotions and discounts.  A travel advisor like Bella Vita will discuss your vacation preferences, budget and other travel needs. As such, we suggest which cruises are the best fit for you.

Second, its stress-free travel. And who wants a vacation to be stressful? There are literally hundreds of details, factors and decisions that go into every trip – land or sea. We’ll guide you through the entire travel planning process. We do the work for you. The best destination for you? Shore excursions based on your interests and activity level? Pre and post-trip planning? That’s what we are here for!

Finally, Bella Vita Travels has a vast network of suppliers and partners. This means we have personal relationships with the people work with. We have the experience, resources and connections to make your trip perfect, be it on the land or on the water.

Ready to start exploring luxury cruises?

Next week we will share some of the specific companies we work with. Also, we’ll let you know a little more about destinations, trip ideas (perhaps a cruise in the middle of a larger trip?) and more details about this exciting new addition to Bella Vita.

Contact us for any questions!

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