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Luxury cruises are the newest addition to the Bella Vita portfolio. As we mentioned in our last blog, this is a sector that we have been already working in. However, we wanted to get all of the details perfect before sharing it will all of our clients. Our meticulous research, high standards and attention to detail mean that we can offer our clients only the best of the best when looking to book a dream vacation by water.

Luxury cruises have a host of benefits, from a higher guest-staff ratio, to luxurious staterooms, amazing food, and more curated stops and excursions. This week, we will share with you some other details about our newest venture on the sea!

Luxury lines that we work with

There are several high end companies that have been cruising the seas in a 5-star way for some time now. Thanks to Bella Vita’s partnership with the illustrious Travel Experts and Virtuoso, we can now offer our clients some VIP benefits and exclusive discounts when booking a luxury cruise.

Unforgettable destinations – before, during and after your cruise

These smaller ships have more access to special and unique ports of call.

For example, Silversea, a luxury line that has been around for almost 20 years, has over 900 ports of call over all 7 continents. Their fleet sails to distinctive destinations such as London’s iconic Tower Bridge. Or, perhaps for the more adventurous, the incredible Northwest and Northeast Passages and the far flung Solomon Islands.

Explora, another luxury company we work with, focuses on turning a cruise into an immersive journey. Guests are inspired to travel deeper, experience more fully – all without sacrificing any high end details. The list of cruise lines we collaborate with is substantial. From iconic Ritz Carlton yachting cruises to smaller companies like Sea Dream yachting, these companies provide us with exclusive discounts and often unpublished special offers for clients.

We also have many perks our clients get when booking through us. Some of them may include:

  • Dedicated onboard hosts.
  • Private welcome reception.
  • Exclusive shore excursions, from VIP tours to outings with a private car and driver.
  • Shipboard credits and specialty dining options.

From the North Pole to the South, from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean, these companies transport you with curated and unforgettable 5-star service.

Pre- and Post-cruise assistance

Another perk in working with Bella Vita is that your experience doesn’t stop the second you get off the ship – and it starts beyond the day your cruise does! We are able to help you plan your arrival to your departure port. Be it one day in advance or a week, we can arrange worry free transportation to your cruise or yacht.

For those of our clients looking to make their cruise part of a longer tailor made holiday, we can seamlessly weave your time on the sea into a bigger or multi-country trip. Departing from the Amalfi Coast for a Mediterranean luxury cruise but you’ve always dreamed of Paris? This is where using an expert travel planner really works. We can plan and organize a multi-faceted trip for you, taking the worry out of every detail.

Luxury river cruises

For those who thought luxury ocean liners were the only option, think again! River cruises are even smaller than an ocean liner. These intimate ships hold a fraction of the guests an ocean voyage does. This smaller, intimate feel also extends to destinations. Smaller cities and large towns on river ports mean that you aren’t disembarking with other ships, all at once. Elegant cities like Vienna, Amsterdam, Budapest and Basel can be seen gliding down the river from your opulent stateroom. Floating down the Danube or the Rhine adds a special touch to a European holiday and allows guests an unforgettable travel memory.

Or perhaps, for those looking for an even smaller experience, a luxury barge cruise might be the perfect fit. A barge cruise is very different from a river cruise primarily because of the size and the perks that go along with it. A river ship usually carries 150 to 200 guests, whereas the capacity of most barges is between eight and twelve. Companies like the always incredible Belmond are our partners in these adventures, and our special perks and rates can also extend here as well. The offer experiences like a gastronomic paradise gliding down the canals of the Champagne region in France.

Sailing down the smaller rivers in canals in France or Holland on a luxury barge is another experience you will truly never forget.

Exploring by water, the Bella Vita way

Be it a luxury sea liner, a smaller river cruise, or an opulent barge on the canal, Bella Vita will be able to organize and advise you on what experience is best suited to your travel dreams, travel style, budget and time frame.

Contact us today for more details on these luxury experiences.

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