Big News at Bella Vita: Heading to the sea (and rivers!)

Vacations on and around the Mediterranean are special, but vacations on the sea or river are even more so.

It’s no secret that we have booked private boats and yachts for our clients for years now. Amongst the most popular are the charming gulet through Croatia or the caicco through the Aeolian Island. We offer a range of amazing day trips that take to the water. However, many of our clients have requested longer stays on boats. Even a private yacht to see the sea in the best way possible.

We also have a fantastic portfolio of boating options for the Greek islands. These range from small sailboats to luxury mega-yachts. Our new affiliation with Virtuoso has brought some exciting changes to Bella Vita.

This week, we share a few of them – Bella Vita has headed to the waters!

Why explore the sea on a high-end cruise?

What makes a luxury cruise stand out? Ships tend to be smaller. Some hold only from 100 to 1,000 passengers. However, staterooms tend to be bigger and often all cabins are suites. Or, balconies with a view of the sparkling sea. The staff to guest ratio is often two to one, leading to excellent service!

The same can be said for barges that accommodate from 2 to 20 people total. They travel slowly, generally at speeds of less than four miles an hour, making numerous stops at lock houses along the way. The focus is on daily excursions to nearby points of interest (think chateaux and vineyards, or visits with local artisans), and just watching the passing scenery of villages, vineyards, and rolling hills go by.

For our clients who travel for the food, luxury cruises do not disappoint. They rave about the quality and variety of cuisine offered on high-end cruises. In addition, many luxury lines offer menus reflecting the authentic flavors of the ports on your itinerary.

Another perk? Thanks to their smaller size, luxury cruise ships can visit exclusive destinations. Larger ships cannot dock in small places and have to take a pass. However, these smaller ships can dock and even stay for a night.

Our new luxury liner partners…

We have also had so many requests over the past few years about luxury liners and river barges. With our new affiliation with Virtuoso, it made perfect sense to dive into the world of cruising. However, only with the best!

We are taking a very select approach to what ships we will work with. We are not going mass tourism or behemoth boats. As always, we will be continuing with our philosophy of tailor-made, bespoke trips. This means only high-end on-the-sea experiences.

At the moment, our partner list is short but very, very special. Here are a few of the amazing experiences we can organize for you:

Belmond Cruises

Viking River Cruises

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection



Yacht ClubOceania

and the brand new, super wow, Explora Journeys

Always the best

Our clients will also receive some VIP treatment. With every reservation made through us, you will receive a special perk. Maybe some welcome champagne? Or a bar credit, upgrades, or shore excursion discounts.

Just contact Megan or Kate and we can take care of the reservation for you!

We cannot wait to show you what Bella Vita can do for you on the sea and rivers!

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