Winter Vacations: Escape to the Extreme North

As temperatures start to rise here on the Mediterranean, it might seem strange to start thinking about winter holidays to the extreme north. However, this is the exact time that guests dreaming about this type of trip should!

Winter holidays to Scandinavia and Lapland are incredibly popular – and for good reason. The north of the continent shines in the snow. To start, outdoor activities and then cozy, luxury hotels. Topping it off, unforgettable experiences and, of course, the Northern Lights. This is a period that is highly requested for travelers. As such, we strongly recommend starting to plan a vacation in the north as soon as possible.

This week, we share some tips and ideas on what to see and how to experience the north of Europe in the winter months.

Adventures in the North: Iceland

For those looking to see the Northern Lights, Iceland is a great destination choice. Mid-September to April is the ideal period to observe the Northern Lights in Iceland. They are more likely to show up on brisk, clear evenings, although they may be spotted all around Iceland. A great trip idea is a few nights in the capital of Reykjavik, and then others in the countryside. Also, this is an easy short trip, as Iceland is a short flight from the East Coast of North America.

From the capital, we can bring you into different parts of the country. The south has lots of opportunities for winter exploration. And in the evening, there is always potential to see the unforgettable show in the sky. One idea could be a stop at the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Here, here you are able to go behind the cascade. After that, our more active guests might like a glacier trek on Solheimajokull glacier. It is amazing to explore the fascinating world of this run-off glacier while donning crampons and other essential glacier gear. As Iceland is a land of waterfalls and volcanoes, we can never get our fill. While there is still light, a stop at the Skogafoss waterfall and the black sand beaches is a great idea to wind up the day. You will a chance to search for the Northern Lights in the evening in your cozy boutique accommodations.

Another great idea would be a trip to the Blue Lagoon, even before you depart. Those with an afternoon flight out at the end of their trip might love a morning relaxing in the thermal waters! There are so many adventures that await in Iceland’s winter.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is another region in the north that sparkles in a special way in the winter. There are so many special experiences we can arrange for clients here!

First, a snowmobile adventure is always a thrill. Gliding through the north, its snow covered fields and trees, into the white unknown is unforgettable. Your private guide will bring you through private, pristine paths – you’ll feel like you are thrillingly in the middle of a gorgeous, snow-covered hidden land. For thrill seekers, its a cannot miss activity.

Or, for clients with little ones (or just in the holiday spirit), we can arrange a “surprise” elf visit to your accommodations. Even more, perhaps a “secret” adventure to Santa’s toy factory, as your private guide brings you to this magical, hidden location in the deep of the arctic forest.

We cannot forget all the amazing ways to get around in the north. A sledge with reindeer through Lapland has a relaxed and peaceful pace. Alternatively, sledding through the snow with your private guide and team of huskies, private paths and frozen lakes, is another way you can see the area. It doesn’t get more winter wonderland perfect than this!

Norway’s North

Norway also has a bounty of remarkable experiences to offer in the winter. From Bergen to the “capital” of the Arctic, Tromsø, your vacation has so many options we can offer you. As Tromsø is located so far north, winter typically arrives early and lasts a long period. This is the only time of year to enjoy several unique events, such as dog and reindeer sledding, whale viewing, skiing, and the northern lights. The Arctic capital offers an abundance of cultural experiences – and Tromsø is located directly beneath the Aurora Oval, making it one of the world’s best places to see the northern lights.

The indigenous Sami people have a lengthy history and are known for their distinctive music, dance, clothing, and language. The Sami are an integral element of Tromsø’s identity and are completely assimilated into modern Norwegian culture. Several businesses in Tromsø sell both traditional and modern Sami designs, among other items. Reindeer herding is a custom that is carried on by many Sami households. Reindeer sledding is an enjoyable activity that may be paired with a traditional lunch and an opportunity to learn more about Sami culture in a lavvo, a traditional Sami tent.

Or, perhaps some whale watching is what you have been dreaming of. Whales swim to the fjords in search of herring from November to January. Witnessing orcas, humpback whales, and minke whales breaching gracefully in the icy air is an extraordinary experience.

Winter adventures in the extreme north, tailor made

Though summer is at our doorstep, these winter holidays in the north of Europe are so special that the book up months in advance. For good reason, as you have read above – these are some truly unforgettable experiences!

All of our trips are tailor made to your travel dreams, wishes, style and preferences. These are just a few ideas of what we can arrange for you in an Arctic winter wonderland.

Contact us today to start planning!

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