Travel Dreams: personal favorites and new destinations

This week, we are sharing some personal travel dreams with you. The Mediterranean has started to move again and here at Bella Vita, we cannot wait until we start to travel! This month we will share with you some of our personal travel dreams and wishes. Places close to our heart that we visit frequently or new destinations we are eager to explore further – these are some special travel dreams from those who make your travel dreams come true!

Luigi, head of Italian Operations

When we can travel again, where is a place close to your heart that you can’t wait to visit?

I think that the place closest to my heart is the island of Salina in Sicily. I would really like to go back there as soon as possible to enjoy the freedom feeling you can breathe there. Smell the volcanic air, taste the unique flavor of its typical dishes and wines, and enjoying the crystalline seawater.

Beautiful Salina with a view of Stromboli island

Where is a new destination that you are itching to explore?

One of my travel dreams is Morocco. I am attracted to this country and its culture. I would love to walk in the desert and sleep in a Berber tent, eat a few tasty local dishes. Experiencing life in Marrakech escorted from a local person sounds like a dream. With a local you can really enjoy all the aspects of this antique fascinating culture.

Travel dreams from Kate, our head of Sales and Mediterranean Travel Specialist

When we can travel again, where is a place close to your heart that you can’t wait to visit?

I can’t wait to get back to Venice. The food, the art, and the architecture are travel dreams come true. I love the ‘bacari’, I love being surrounded by water and the silence of the evenings there. For me, there is no city more beautiful. No matter how many times I visit, I always find something new to inspire me.  It seems impossible that I haven’t set foot there since 2019, and I am itching terribly to get back. 

Kate in one of BVT’s favorite little restaurants in Venice

Where is a new destination that you are itching to explore?

I’m looking forward to visiting Dubrovnik this fall. Though I’ve been to the Croatian islands and Istria, for some reason I’ve never made it down to Dubrovnik. I was supposed to go last spring but the pandemic cancelled those plans. I’ve already arranged for an extended trip to Croatia (including Dubrovnik, finally!) for this September and I’m very excited to explore the country again.

Megan, our founder and Mediterranean Travel Expert shares her travel dreams

When we can travel again, where is a place close to your heart that you can’t wait to visit?
Saint Tropez. What a surprise huh? There is just something about the place that recharges my batteries. I so enjoy strolling the charming streets of the village, and I am head over heels for Le Club 55! I have so many wonderful memories from various trips there, I can’t wait to make more!

Where is a new destination that you are itching to explore?

Do I have to stick to one?! Marrakech has been hovering at the top of my list for a long time. Its sensory overload is so alluring to me. I want to explore the souks, stay in a secluded riad and enjoy the views from a few rooftops. I wouldn’t mind taking a cooking lesson as well. Moroccan food is exquisite!

The other destination I will put here in Normandy, France. I am a bit of a WWII buff so the history for me is intriguing. There is also so much natural beauty to soak in. I also want to visit some of the charming towns such as Honfleur, Bayeux, and of course, Mount St. Michel. Then there are the calvados, famous mussels, and camembert cheese – YUM! 

Christine, marketing/social media and Mediterranean Travel Expert

When we can travel again, where is a place close to your heart that you can’t wait to visit?

This is hard to answer. I’ve always been a wanderer, so this past year hit me hard. The first place that came to mind was Paris. I had been planning another trip back to this special city, but between having a baby girl and a global pandemic, a few years have passed which has been far too long. In our first lockdown in March of 2020 I kept my spirits up by brushing off my old college French via skype with an amazing teacher in Paris. I’m eager to try out what I “re”learned! I also love the vibe Paris has, the food, the small shops and local artisans. I also love french impressionism and the Musée d’Orsay is somewhere I truly cannot get enough of. Our private tour really makes it come alive and makes these works even more special.

No matter how many times I go, I always find something totally new. Like my home by New York City, Paris has such an incredible energy. I cannot wait to go back (this time with a toddler!).

Christine’s favorite hotel in Paris is on this street and she swears it is not because of the name.

Where is a new destination that you are itching to explore?

My husband and his family are restauranteurs here in the Cinque Terre, and food and wine is paramount for them. As such, there are a lot of amazing food and wine destinations I’d love to explore further. The Douro Valley in Portugal is one that I think seems totally spectacular. I love Portuguese wine and food, and I find the Portuguese to be some of the warmest, most hospitable people I’ve encountered in the Mediterranean. Another is the Catalonia region of Spain, which has 11 “destination of origin” wines, and I think the diversity of this region is so fascinating.

Also, I love the wines of the Bolgheri area of Italy which are based on traditional Bordeaux styles, so I’d love to head to that area of France and do one of our amazing multi-day gastronomy and wine tours in the region!

The Bella Vita Travels Difference

What distinguishes Bella Vita Travels from traditional travel agencies: first, our ability to create 100% custom itineraries including accommodations, guides, drivers, and experiences. Secondly, these itineraries are based around your travel preferences and our first-hand experiences and knowledge. Third, we have developed a vast network of partners in the destinations we send clients. Additionally, we form our own opinions based solely on-location research.

Hopefully, our personal travel dreams have given you some inspiration for a future trip.

We are waiting and eager to hear from you!

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