New Openings in 2024: Southern Europe

There are some amazing new openings we are looking forward to in 2024! Our trips are all tailor made. This means that like our clients, no vacation is exactly alike. We have a vast portfolio of accommodation choices around the world that, once getting to know you and your travel style, we will recommend some of our special choices.

We prefer to focus on top-notch properties that really shine. Our portfolio includes some of the best spots that we know you’ll love. From a boutique bed and breakfast, to a small, curated hotel in the city. Or perhaps 5-star luxury, we have something for everyone.

This month on our blog, to kick of 2024, we are sharing some new openings we cannot wait for. This year travel has returned to “normal” (and what a year it was!). Here are many new properties opening or older ones that have changed hands or gotten some TLC. Here are just a few of the places on our list to check out this year!

Openings in Greece: One and Only Kéa Island (spring 2024)

One of our favorite hotel groups, One & Only, is opening Kéa Island this spring. It occupies a gorgeous and sprawling beachfront site on the west side of Kéa island in the Cyclades. One&Only Kéa Island glimmers with the promise of discretion and seclusion, just a stone’s throw from Athens. Boasting flawless all-villa accommodation by the sea, the resort is just another example of what special properties One &Only can put together.

Pearl Island, Chios, Greece

Nestled on the enchanting island of Chios in the northeastern Aegean Sea, Pearl Island Chios Hotel & Spa emerges as an exclusive new 5-star retreat. It is set to debut in the summer of 2024. This luxurious haven beckons travelers to explore the unspoiled charm of Chios. A dream of natural splendor, the island captivates with its crystal-clear waters, golden sands, lush pine forests, and historic villages, safeguarded under UNESCO’s legacy. A short 5-minute drive from the port, this is an idyllic spot to escape.

Openings in France: Hôtel du Couvent, Nice (spring-summer 2024)

This property has a spectacular story. First, its location. It is located on the steep hill side in the old city of Nice, a 16th century convent, one of the oldest in the Alpes-Maritimes. We’ve been keeping our eye on this property since we heard it was being redeveloped as a hotel – a place to rest.

Second, the proposal for the project was more than just a hotel. They wanted to restore the grounds and the buildings in the manner as it were originally constructed and cared for.  Finally, touches like materials sourced from the land and its immediate surroundings, make this project very special. The convent is shaped by the frugality and the simple way the nuns lived, but with luxurious touches. Stunning Provençal stone paths, herbalists and a breathtaking pool all reflect the history and peace of this special place.

Openings in Italy: Casa Monti, Rome

A five-star hotel with a historic rooftop bar and picture-perfect terrace restaurant, this is one of our anticipated openings in Rome. Casa Monti is an artist’s residence open to the world.

Rome is a monument to centuries of change and reinvention. At the forefront of this reinvention are the artisans of Rome who reside primarily in Monti, where the hotel is located. They remade the city again and again, while basking in the joys of life’s simple pleasures. The bohemian lifestyle that flourished around them is now synonymous with Rome’s first district, and the inspiration for this 36-room special property.


ROMEO Roma is a XVI century palazzo reawakened. To start, it boasts 74-rooms and suites, it will also have a restaurant by Alain Ducasse and a Sisley spa. Steps away from one of the most wellknown doors in Roma, the bustling Piazza del Popolo – where better to begin your discovery. Walk the eternal city to experience its true beauty. Eat, drink, and fall in love with history, flavour, architecture. All just steps away from historic landmarks and glorious works of art. Avant garde and original – without a doubt, this is one of our most looked forward to openings in 2024.

Openings in Spain: Nobis Hotel, Palma

Nobis Hotel Palma is a five-star contemporary luxury hotel by Scandinavian-based Nobis Hospitality Group. It will will offer 37 rooms and suites, restaurant NOI, a magnificent lounge, a sun terrace adorned with comfortable loungers, a rooftop, and a tranquil SPA.

Nobis Hotel Palma has so many amazing features. First, it occupies a historic gem, situated in one of Palma’s oldest buildings. Also, with a rich history dating back to the 12th century when it originally served as a Muslim Palace during the medieval Islamic era of the Balearic Islands.

Furthermore, it is ideally positioned at Carrer de les Caputxines in a peaceful part of the charming Old Town. To conclude, guests will find themselves within walking distance of many of Palma’s finest restaurants, attractions, and must-sees.

Portugal: Viceroy, Ombria, Algarve (spring 2024)

Step away from the crowds to the rolling green hills of Portugal’s Algarve region. Viceroy at Ombria Algarve, opening in Spring 2024, is a peaceful escape waiting for just beyond the bustling coast. This 76-room luxury resort, accompanied by 65 residences, sits at the top of a hill where you can enjoy everything the landscape has to offer. T

Beginning with taking in the views on the winding hiking and biking trails. Continue, work on your stroke at the 18-hole golf course. Finally, unwind at the holistic-focused spa and pool overlooking the garden. In addition, enjoy several restaurants and cafés, where regional wines and locally inspired dishes honor Portuguese culture. This is vacation as its meant to be — uncomplicated and full of simple pleasures.

New openings, hand picked, just for you

Working with Bella Vita means that we arrange the best for you – starting with your accommodations. The travel industry changes quickly, and new openings happen all the time. Our partners, be it a 5-star hotel, art history scholar, local chef, or in-country experts, have been hand-picked based on our stringent criteria of providing meticulous planning, superb service, VIP amenities, and first-rate experiences. All this, to create highly personalized luxury vacations throughout the Mediterranean and a little beyond.

We hope some of these amazing new openings are places you’d like to hear more about in 2024. Contact us today!

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