Mediterranean Fall Comfort Food: Spain

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This incredibly diverse Mediterranean nation has famous cities as well as spectacular beaches. Spain has majestic mountain ranges in addition to Europe’s only desert and also breathtaking volcanic islands. This complex country has its own special gastronomy and rich history (culinary and otherwise) and because of this Spain truly excels at comfort food. The Spanish have an incredible appreciation for a relaxed pace. They truly savor every moment and are passionate about pleasures like eating and drinking well.  Traditional Spanish food is simple, hearty food that isn’t challenging to prepare. It is the perfect way to warm up on a colder day! This week, we will share some Spanish dishes we love to eat in the fall. 

Caldo gallego

This Galician soup is fantastic in the fall.  Caldo gallego means simply “Galician broth”. This northern Spanish specialty uses typically “poor” ingredients cooked well to make a filling and delicious meal.  Turnips, sausage or chorizo, white beans and dark leafy turnip or collard greens.  It’s a popular dish with hikers in Spain along the world famous Camino de Santiago, looking to warm up and recharge along their journey.

Fabada Asturiana

This a rich bean stew is from the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain. Non-withstanding its regional origins, it is popular all over the country.  The star ingredient is faves de la granja (a kind of large white beans from the region). After, they add dried pork shoulder and Spanish cured ham. In addition, blood sausage and sweet paprika can also be used.  It’s a similar dish to a French cassoulet, and a great dish as the seasons change.


Cocido Madrileño

This typical winter chickpea and meat stew from Madrid is incredibly popular. It’s a traditional comfort food especially because of the inexpensive chickpeas that are the primary ingredient. To begin, they add root vegetables. Subsequently added are “poor”  cuts of meat (veal bones, sausages and thick bacon). After, they add another pantry staple of homes in Spain – cured ham.  It’s traditionally a 3 course meal. First, the rich broth is served followed by the slow stewed chickpeas and vegetables. Perhaps most importantly, the tender meat is served at the end after having been cooked to perfection. 

Tortilla de patatas (tortilla española) – an omelette from Spain

This dish is perhaps the most iconic traditional food in Spain.  From the north to the south, this hearty potato, onion, and egg “omelette” is a favorite with spaniards for an easy tapa.  To start, simple ingredients are cooked well like the slowly sautéed potatoes and onions. It is also important to slowly flip of the tortilla as to ensure a creamy center.  

In conclusion, we hope that these Spanish comfort foods will give you some inspiration to try at home. Or, even better, to add to your list of dishes to try on your next vacation!


¡Buen provecho! 

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