Holiday Vacation Ideas: Spain


Traveling during the winter holidays is a great idea and a wonderful way to experience some of Europe’s most beautiful cities in the “off season”- and Spain is no exception! This vibrant country doesn’t dim in the off-season, instead it lights up with Christmas charm and becomes an ideal winter holiday break.



Beautiful Barcelona is a wonderful year round destination for its food and music scene, museums and sites like la Sagrada Família, and unique Catalan culture. In the winter, it’s a great stop as it never gets too cold (though unfortunately too cold to enjoy swimming at the beach) and remains pleasant for exploring the best that Barcelona has to offer. Catalan culture has many unique and interesting Christmas traditions you can see around the city, including some interesting and humorous nativity scenes. December 28th is the day of the innocents in Spain, which is their version of April Fools Day. December 31st is another fun Catalan tradition where locals look out for the mythical creature “L’Home dels Nassos” (the man of the noses). If you are coming in January, the Feast of the Three Kings is a huge holiday (throughout the country) where children traditionally receive gifts from the three wise men, and in Barcelona celebrates with a parade. In addition, the city is full of Christmas markets (we love the Sagrada Familia Christmas Market), trees and ice skating rinks. It’s a special treat to be in Barcelona over the holidays.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3-39-24 PMA trip to Spain isn’t complete without a visit to Madrid. Though temperatures in the capital can drop dramatically in December, it’s rarely so cold that you can’t enjoy strolling outside. Though it does get chilly, even winter days are accompanied by blue skies and Spanish sun, and crowds are at a fraction of what they are in the peak of summer. As a catholic country, Spain (like Italy) gets dressed up in its holiday best as the Christmas season approaches. From December to January, you can take the navibus in Madrid, which brings you on a bus tour to see the city’s Christmas light displays. Afterwards, perhaps warm up with a churro or a hot chocolate at Madrid’s most famous chocolatería, San Ginés, open since the late 1800s.

From Madrid, you’re an easy high speed train ride away from another of our favorite Spanish destinations no matter what time of year- Seville. This southern city has a mild climate, and even in late December temperatures are usually only as low as 50 Fahrenheit, meaning you can still enjoy the city’s lovey parks and even a cocktail at one of its picturesque rooftop terraces. It’s actually even better to visit this time of year just for the temperature alone, as the past few years have seen summer temperatures swell to over 110F!

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 3.38.23 PMSeville is home to many famous sites that are also famous for their long lines of visitors in the summer. A December or January visit is a great way to see places like the Alcazar with a fraction of the lines. One of the city’s famous treats, oranges, are in season through the winter as well, thanks to the mild climate.

Though considered the “off season”, a winter visit to these Spanish city has its own special charm and unique things to see and experience. Even if you are just starting to think about a winter getaway, it’s not too late to start planning.  Contact us to hear more about how we can help you with a tailor made Spanish winter holiday!

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