Romantic hotels in Portugal and Spain

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We are celebrating the month of February by sharing some of our top romantic accommodations.  Though February is certainly the month of love, these are ideas for a future couples trip any time of year!

This week, we focus on Portugal and Spain.  These two neighboring countries are perfect choices for a romantic vacation.

First, Portugal is a dream destination for couples who want a range of experiences. Located on the coast, there are a wealth of properties with dramatic, romantic sea views. Couples love exploring the cobblestone streets in beautiful cities like Lisbon.  Or, the mysterious and romantic castles in Sintra.  It truly is a trip that feels like something out of a fairytale.

Second, are there any countries more full of passion than Spain? With its world famous beaches, glitzy islands, romantic mountains and historical cities, Spain has it all.  This is the country that invented flamenco and samba.  They finished their seduction by topping it off with some of the best food and wine in the world.  In Spain, passion and living are entwined.  It’s an unforgettable trip for couples looking for romance.

In both of these countries, we have accommodations for all styles of traveler. We never forget that a romantic vacation can be found in a city or the countryside.

To begin, here are some of our top picks…


Areias Do Seixo

There are few accommodations with a backdrop so romantic and unique.  A short distance from Lisbon, it’s a great stop for romance outside the city.  Areias do Seixo is an eco-boutique hotel set in a modernist glass and concrete construction.

The 14 rooms are all unique, featuring log fireplaces, rainfall showers and private patios or decks.  In summary, it is the ideal spot to enjoy a sunset with a glass of wine and the one you love.

Vila Joya

To begin, the Algarve doesn’t get better than this.  The 22 luxurious suites are set on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  For those who find romance in fine dining, they hotel houses a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.  There’s also a romantic spa.  Finally, a plate of local fish at the beach overlooking the ocean is our favorite way to end the day.

Romantic Douro Valley- six senses

The six senses hotel group spared nothing with this breathtaking property in the Douro valley.  For wine lovers, there are few locations that rival this romantic 19th century manor.  A spectacular spa, relaxation and yoga classes, and two gorgeous pools make this the perfect place to relax.  Finally, if you find romance in sharing a glass of wine, you’ll be enamored with the 700 bottle wine library.


Lasala Plaza, San Sebastián

Lasala Plaza has the most enviable location in San Sebastián.  It’s a property that merges the culture, gastronomy and the sea.  As a result, It’s the perfect mix of local feel and classic touches with glitz, romance and a spectacular view.

Serras hotel, Barcelona

Mild Mediterranean breezes and romantic sunny balconies are some of our favorite parts about Serras.  This elegant luxury boutique hotel boasts a seafront view over the exclusive Marina Port Vell. Furthermore, it is located in the historic Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. A wonderful choice to stay on a romantic trip!

Gran Hotel Inglés, Madrid

To begin, this is first hotel built in Madrid. Gran Hotel Inglés dates back to 1886. Completely restored and renovated, the hotel has become one of the finest properties in today’s Madrid. It is located in a romantic and incomparable location in the city center.  To conclude, this hotel is the best choice for a couples trip. It’s so near the cultural and leisure areas of the capital. 

Cap Rocat, Mallorca

A carefully restored 19th-century fortress has resulted in an incredible hotel overlooking Bay of Palma. It is in 88 acres that stretches along the coastline for two kilometers. Cap Rocat Mallorca is the top choice for a couples trip on Mallorca. Wonderfully secluded with a drawbridge, suites in former shooting buttresses, the atmosphere is both historic and romantic. First, it is decorated with contemporary and classic furnishings, suites have their own private patio.  To add, many also have beautiful sea views.  Clients rave about the private rock cliff beach with direct access to the sea, jetty and salt water pool.  Finally, nothing is more romantic than this! 

Alfonso XIII, Seville

This classic hotel is one of the most famous in Spain.  To start, it was built by King Alfonso XIII for the royals and VIPs attending Seville’s 1929 world fair.  Quite literally built for royalty, it’s THE hotel in romantic Seville.  Additionally, the hotel has an unrivaled location.  Boasting rooms with moorish, Andalusian and Castilian touches, it’s one of our favorites in the city. 

Hospes Palacio de los Patos, Grenada

Hospes Palacio de los Patos combines the old and new in an incredible way.  This 19th-century palace has a modern design scheme. It’s sleek and bright, elegant and understated. The boutique is a perfect spot for exploring the romantic city of Granada.  Furthermore, the wonderful spa is the perfect way for you and your loved one to unwind. You will appreciate it after walking the city’s winding streets!

The most romantic hotels in Spain and Portugal, tailor made.

Spain and Portugal are two counties that are passion personified.  Bella Vita Travels has an extensive portfolio of experiences to make your holiday the one you have been dreaming of. You can check out some of our itinerary ideas here.

Again, if any of these spectacular accommodations look like your perfect place to stay, please contact us. It’s time to stop dreaming and start planning your romantic holiday in Portugal and Spain!

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