Where to go in 2023: Spain

Spain is one of our trending destinations for 2023. There are so many unique and special experiences that this vibrant country can offer visitors!

Spain is a country full of color. The people, the food, and it’s cities. The Spanish culture is as vibrant and fiery as a Spanish sunset. It is also one of the destinations most requested by our clients for a tailor made holiday. There are so many magical places in this country worth seeing. Also, each region is so dramatically different from another. Due to all these reasons, 2023 is trending as another year with Spain as a top choice!

Over the next few weeks, we are sharing some tips for destinations that we are seeing a great interest in for the upcoming travel season. We’ve mentioned Italy and France, and this week, we focus on some trending destinations in spectacular Spain. What to do here, where to stay, where to eat – tailor made, just for you.

Madrid, the capital of Spain

Madrid is one of our favorite cities in Spain. It’s also the most visited city in this special country. There are endless amounts of great restaurants, bars and nightlife. The capital city has a rich history. There is also gorgeous architecture, amazing restaurants, and incredible museums. The sites and things to see are plentiful, with something from everyone from history to soccer buffs. There are also accommodation choices for any travel style and budget.

Villa Magna

One of our favorites in Madrid (we covered some of these properties a few weeks ago) is Villa Magna. Beautiful, well-designed, recently re-opened property. Details like the special attention to clients from the service at the front desk to the restaurant staff make this place stand out. Amazing interior design (the showers are spectacular) and a standard that Rosewood properties always deliver. W love the neighborhood as well, a part of Madrid great for walking, shopping, and dining. Rosewood Villa Magna is a reason to make a stop in this wonderful city.


Granada has an unmistakably Moorish flavor. It was the last city in Spain to be reconquered by the Catholics in 1492. This means that the gastronomy, arts and architecture are all heavily influenced by this fascinating past.

There are so many reasons that this city is so beautiful. It’s a top choice for clients in 2023! Full of fountains and scenic viewpoints. Also, “Cármenes”, typical houses surrounded by gardens in Granada. These all add to the beauty of this destination. One of its historic districts, Albaicín, is a World Heritage Site, together with the Alhambra and Generalife. It was an important cultural centre for many centuries, under both Islamic and Christian rulers. The reasons to visit are unending!

One of our trending tours in 2023?

Private Walking Tour of Granada. One of Spain’s richest and most populous cities during Moorish rule. With your expert private guide, you’ll tour the Alhambra, a breathtaking Moorish castle, palace, and garden complex on a hillside overlooking the city. Also visit the Generalife, the summer palace, and gardens of Moorish royalty. See additional city highlights such as the opulent Royal Chapel, where monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella are buried, and the labyrinthine Albaicin (the former Arab Quarter), a world of winding streets, Moorish fountains, and teterias (Arabic tearooms) in the hills. For lunch, we can make reservations at a restaurant with spectacular views of the Alhambra.

San Sebastian, Spain for food lovers

San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The principal reason for this is its amazing beaches and gorgeous historical city center. However, many of our clients are showing that this destination is a consistently trending destination for food lovers! People come for the typically Basque and world famous gastronomy. You will be hard pressed to avoid Michelin starred restaurants and chefs. San Sebastian is a food lovers dream. It has one of the highest concentrations of Michelin stars per capita in the world.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite in this city, boasting 8 Michelin starred restaurants and 5 on the “world’s 50 best” list. However, Arzak is a reason to visit in and of itself. This Basque culinary landmark has ever changing set menus. The family is considered gastronomic royalty in Spain. They follow the philosophy of using only the freshest and best ingredients available. What comes out of the restaurant’s kitchen is beyond invention and creativity – it changes the change the way you look at food. It’s more than just a meal, but an experience.


A self drive itinerary through the southern coast in Spain is an activity that is a hit with clients – its a ton of fun, and a great way to explore at your own pace. This year is no different! Clients are yearning to explore this special southern spot and its beautiful cities and beaches. One of our favorite places to stay is a choice that has many BVT clients on their way to this summer as well.

We cannot stop raving about Finca Cortesin. The hotel’s unique design is inspired by traditional Andalusian architecture. Exclusive and luxurious, where traditional Mediterranean lifestyle is combined with the latest in contemporary living. There are so many reasons to love it. First, the property boasts superb cuisine, impeccable service and an ambience of peace and tranquillity.  To continue, there are also 23,000 sqm of manicured gardens and a luxurious spa offering the very best treatments. Furthermore, there are 4 swimming pools, tennis courts, a spectacular 6,000 sqm beach club. Also, several exquisite dining options, all in a serene, elegant and refined setting. To conclude, Finca Cortesin is a destination that will leave you wishing you could stay forever. It’s a great choice for families or even couples traveling together.

Trending destinations in Spain

Spain is one of our top client choices for the upcoming 2023 travel year. These are just some of the destinations we are seeing a piqued interest in – for good reason! As always, all of our vacations are tailor made to your travel style, interests and dreams. If any of these locations or experiences are your perfect choice, contact us to start planning today!

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