My Special Roman Meal

Everyone knows, food in Italy is good is healthy is part of the culture, is one of the must important part of a day life.

With that said, there are places and restaurants where a meal could be no only about good food but could be an whole new experience in terms of atmosphere and characters. The city where very easily you will be able to find this kind of meal experiences is Rome.

Romans are passionate about food and when they talk about it you can tell that food is been in their life from when they were little baby hanging out on the kitchen with mamma and nonna.

One of this person in particular is Memmo, the owner of a fantastic restaurant near Piazza Navona. He has been there from 50 years and when you go there for lunch or dinner, from the first moment you enter the door, you can tell that it will be not only a good meal but it will be a whole other experience.

Memmo will give you a table and from there start his “natural show”. I said natural because there is nothing been plan before, is just the way and the only way he can be with his clients and people in general. He will suggest you what to have and joke about it making you feel at home. When the food will start to come you will realize that you made the right choice. His kitchen is just genuinely delicious and varied, from the antipasti to dessert, a culinary journey dressed with Memmo sympathy and funny jokes.

Only the fact that usually you will be sitting next to a politician or a priest, tells you about the kind of restaurant you are in. It’s very local!

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