A BVT Client Perspective: Spain, Portugal and Bologna, Italy

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Our “two-peat” clients from California, were coming to Italy for a wedding and decided to add on some destinations to their trip: Spain and Portugal. Here’s a little taste of what they did and experienced:

Why did you choose Italy/Spain/Portugal?

Spain and Portugal were on our bucket list. We added Italy to attend a wedding in Florence, and decided to take a Emilia Romagna culinary tour while in Italy.

VP Parmasan

 What were your expectations for this trip?

Lots of exploring and outdoor activities.

What was your favorite destination and why?

This is a hard question to answer as we had a good time everywhere we went. We probably enjoyed San Sebastian and Porto the best because of the great excursions in these parts of the country, and for the food in San Sebastian. 

VP San Sebastian

Favorite accommodation and why?

Our room in Bologna was like a little apartment with an outside sitting area which we really enjoyed.  Looking back, our favorite was the charming, upscale guesthouse in Lisbon because it was a cool apartment at a great B&B. We were given a cell phone to use during our stay, enjoyed the breakfast and being next to a secret bar. 

VP Bologna

Favorite tour/excursion and why?

Our Full-day excursion to the Douro Valley. We couldn’t get over the beauty of Douro Valley – and of course, we enjoyed wine tasting there and lunch! 

VP Douro

What did you think of the food (and wine)?

Awesome food, especially “pintxos” in Northern Spain. We embraced the food specialties from each region we visited and liked trying new foods. The wine was excellent – and we are used to good wine being from California!

VP Pintoxs

Anything you would do differently?

Spend more time in Spain. We spent less time there than originally planned because we went to the wedding in Italy. 

Your overall feeling of working with Bella Vita?

Bella Vita made our vacation even better with the quality tours and guides, and were mindful of our travel wishes and budget.

VP Pastes de Belem


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