Italy with kids: Our favorite tours!

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At Bella Vita, we believe that travel is an important experience at any age. From families to couples, we tailor our vacations to your needs, dreams and wishes. Families are a good amount of our clients. And for good reason! As parents ourselves, here at Bella Vita we see lots of things through the eyes of a “mom”. Traveling with kids can present its own set of challenges. It can also be rewarding and incredibly fun!

With expert planning, your family trip will be worry free. There are so many great memories in the amazing countries we can help your family discover. With Bella Vita, your trip is tailored to the needs of your family. We believe that kids can travel at any age! This month, we are sharing some of our favorite tours for kids (and us adults too) in some of the countries we visit.

Italy is a country that kids easily fall in love with. The food, the sites – even the tiniest travelers find something that they’ll never forget. Here are some of our tried and tested tours that are sure to be a hit with your little ones!

Mask making class for kids in Venice

This mask making class is entirely dedicated to typical Venetian carnival masks. A short 1-2 hour option is a great choice for kids. It’s enough time to get creative but not so long to get bored!

Our tours are really kid tested by our families! Our social media manager and travel planner, Christine, tried out the tour with little Lilia, 3 years old. They both had a great time!

A true expert mask maker helps along the way. One option, kids will have the freedom to create in papier-mâché for a longer class. Or, they can decorate with paint, sparkles, gold leaves and fabrics in the shorter class. After creating or choosing the mask they love, kids can decorate as they like while learning a bit about the history. Our artisans will be overlooking and helping along the way! At the end of the class, you will not just bring home a splendid and authentic handmade Venetian mask, but the age-old techniques and secrets of a true tradition.

Cooking class for kids in Rome

When choosing Italy as a family holiday destination, we know that gelato and pizza are high on kids’ lists. Today you’ll learn the secrets of both with our Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class! Upon arrival at our centrally located professional kitchen, you’ll be greeted by your chef. After a short introduction, you’ll get to work! First, you’ll learn the traditional techniques of gelato making and create your flavor of choice. As it chills, you’ll move on making the perfect pizza.

Your English-speaking pizzaiolo will guide you through the steps of pizza making. First the dough and then the selection of toppings. The variety is endless! Once you’ve finished with your pizza preparations, it’s time to bake them. You’ll then all gather together at the table to enjoy your meal and decide whose pizza is the tastiest. A large selection of wines, beer, soft drinks, and juices will be available for you. Lastly, you’ll end your meal on a sweet note with your homemade gelato. The perfect dinner!

Artisanal ceramics class, Cinque Terre

This is an incredible and unique experience for kids. This local artisan workshop is located in the hills above the village of Monterosso.

Kids and adults will have so much fun creating a souvenir! First, you will be able to visit the workshop. After, side by side with our artists, you will learn two techniques that blend art and nature. Older kids can create a silk scarf printed with an eco-printing technique. Then, they can also make a porcelain bowl that will be decorated with flowers and leaves. You can collect them yourselves in the beautiful hills where the workshop is.

Even for the tiniest potters – here, our “tour tester” Lilia was only 2 years old, working in the arms of the talented artisans of the ceramic workshop.

And finally, you will have an aperitivo with focaccia (typically Ligurian!) and (for the parents) a glass of homemade wine.

Vatican Treasure Hunt

On our Treasure Hunt in the Vatican tour, the treasures of this immense building become the site of a family-friendly adventure. You’ll meet your guide and immediately enter with your VIP skip-the-line tickets. Then, you will be able to marvel at the history and breathtaking works of art located within. You’ll have to follow clues and solve riddles that will help you reveal hidden secrets and discover artistic masterpieces.

Along the way, your expert guide will explain the significance and history of famous spots like the Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter’s Basilica. A private treasure hunt at the Vatican for a kids’ tour is the perfect way to introduce your children to Rome. They will come away having had fun but also have learned about art, religion, and history. Your guide will engage and entertain your kids while making sure that everyone in the family has an exceptional visit to experience one of the Western world’s greatest collections of art.

Pompeii for kids (an easy add on to the Amalfi Coast)

These famous sites just southeast of Naples are often learned about in schools around the world. This trip is the perfect opportunity to bring their classroom learning to life. Our Pompeii tour for families is a can’t miss!

Pompeii was destroyed and covered by the famous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD, this early Roman town (along with Herculaneum and other nearby villas) was lost for 1500 years before it was rediscovered.

During our excursion, you will be driven in comfort to the town of Pompeii where you will meet your guide. We can easily add this tour on as a day trip from Rome, Naples or the Amalfi coast. It’s also a great way to break up a travel day! Kids and parents will have the chance to visit the ancient city of Pompeii. Our kid-approved guide will show you and your family how the ancient Romans of Pompeii used to spend their days, how they used to have fun, and which where the most important business of that period.

Then, after your visit to Pompeii you will drive up to the national park of Mt. Vesuvius. Older kids can hike to the edge of the crater to see up close the volcano responsible for the destruction of the town from where you just came. If you wish, we can also stop for a traditional pizza lunch at one of our favorite local places!

Stress free Tuscany for kids

This is an easy and fun trip outside of Florence or the Cinque Terre. With a private driver, you will be completely at ease. You’ll enjoy a visit to one of Italy’s most iconic spots on our Day Trip to Lucca and Pisa. The leaning tower of Pisa is one of Italy’s most famous monuments and Lucca is a ‘hidden gem’ of Tuscany. Today, along with your friendly English-speaking driver, you will have a private day trip to visit both of these towns plus enjoy a trip to an authentic Tuscan winery and olive oil producer.

You’ll start the day in the charming walled town of Lucca. Here, you can explore the city center, or rent bicycles and ride around the city walls, viewing the town from above! Next, you’ll visit the quirkiest building in Italy- the leaning tower of Pisa. After a chance to take some photos (or climb it, if you dare!), your driver will take you to a typical organic family-run Tuscan winery for a leisurely tour and tasting. Not only will you be able to get to know their wines, but also their delicious olive oil and organic snacks. After this fantastic day, your driver will accompany you back to your hotel.

Italy for kids and families

Italy is full of amazing experiences for families with kids of all ages. Please contact us to learn more and see some of the sample itineraries we can put together. Traveling with little ones can be an incredible joy when done right. And that’s what Bella Vita is here for. The possibilities are endless!

We are happy and eager to help make your travel dreams come true!

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