Best Beaches: Cape Kamenjak, Croatia

One of the first times I saw Croatia was from the sky – a plane window flying back from Asia.  I looked down, transfixed by this long stretch the bluest of blue seas, wondering how it was possible to have such beauty seeming to run endlessly along an entire coast.  Croatia holds it own alongside other Mediterranean beach destinations and its seaside spots are constantly placed among the most beautiful on earth.  It’s hard to pick just one, but wild, dramatic Cape Kamenjak stands out.

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Located in the Premantura peninsula on the most southern tip of Istria, Cape Kamenjak is an easy day trip from Pula and an incredibly fascinating destination.  It looks like the end of the world. It’s completely undeveloped, jagged stone terraces falling into a waiting aquamarine sea.  The stone beaches (as opposed to sand) mean that the water is incredibly clean and clear- dolphins and Mediterranean monk seals are frequently seen.  

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The area itself is full tracks that are great for mountain biking (you can rent a bike once you arrive at the cape, or we can arrange a longer tour for you from Pula that ends up here) which run though flower fields and hills of Mediterranean plants, medicinal herbs, over 30 types of wild orchid, all before winding up at the sea along the dramatic, barren cliffs.  Though it can get crowded on weekends, Cape Kamenjak is full of secluded, secret grottoes that make the area feel more intimate, you just need to explore.

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Cliff jumping and windsurfing are popular as well for our more active clients, but for those wishing to soak up some sun and explore the coast, Cape Kamenjak is the perfect destination to relax, immersed in the blue Mediterranean Sea, and feel like you are far from everywhere.


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