Women’s trip: your dream Italian vacation

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March is women’s month, and what better way to celebrate than planning a dream trip with your girlfriends? Traveling is essential for both your mind and soul at any given stage in your life. And traveling with friends is even more special.

As we have seen in the past two years, the role of women has become even more important. We’ve been homeschoolers, kindergarten teachers, inventors of endless activity while working from home and continuing as if life hadn’t changed. It has, its been hard, and you deserve a trip for yourself with your best friends!

This month, to celebrate the month of women, we are sharing some great ideas for a girls trip to some of our favorite destinations. This week, we share with you an example of what 10 days in Italy could look like. All of our vacations are tailor made to your travel style and interests. There are detailed sample itineraries on our website to get inspiration for your girl’s trip. We can arrange almost anything for you and your best friends!

Venice – 3 nights

Welcome to Italy! Your first stop on your women’s trip will be the island city of Venice. There is truly no place like it on earth. Rising from the waters of the lagoon, you will be entranced by all it has to offer. For example, explore the labyrinth alleyways, marvel at the extraordinary architecture, and experience a life lived on the water. Done right, Venice is probably the most unique and fascinating destination on earth.

Upon arrival in Venice, we will arrange for a private water taxi transfer to your accommodations. Bella Vita has a wonderful selection of 4 and 5-star hotels and apartments for you to choose from. These are all based on location, comfort, and travel style. We also have many options for single beds, single rooms, larger suites with multiple bathrooms. This way, there is plenty of space for you and your friends!

From the hotel, you’re a short walk from many of the amazing sights and landmarks Venice is so famous for. Bella Vita has a plethora of wonderful activities to experience in your women’s adventure. We will customize your days there based on your travel wishes and tastes.

Here are just a few examples of what we could arrange:

Evening Cicheti Stroll

Delve into one of Venice’s favorite pastimes on this fun and delicious excursion with our local food and wine expert. Venetians are very sociable people. They also love their wine and little antipasti, better known as Cicheti, found at their favorite bacaro (cicheti bar). Therefore, the great fun for locals and visitors alike is to go from one bacaro to the other in search of the ultimate cicheto. And of course, never missing the point of drinking a good glass of wine with delicious food. It is also a great way to learn about everyday Venetian life. This is a great way to get adjusted to the city with your best women friends and enjoy the slow, local, Venetian way of life.

A wonderful half-day Venice by Land and Water tour

This tour gives you ladies a chance to discover the highlights of the city. Visits to Saint Mark’s Square, the Rialto bridge, and more. Then, you will have the opportunity to explore the city for an hour by private boat. Here you will enjoy its sleepy back canals as well as the Grand Canal, the city’s main thoroughfare. We can also add an extra hour to visit the Island of Murano and see a demonstration of its traditional (and beautiful) glass-blowing.

Our Venetian Rowing Lesson

You’ll have the chance to navigate the canals like a local and explore the lagoon in these beautiful traditional rowboats. What’s more special? Our guides are part of an all-women cooperative. You’ll get to practice while gliding along a wide, quiet canal. Then, cross into the expansive, open lagoon, where you’ll be encouraged to try rowing a poppa. This is actually steering the boat yourself at the stern, just like a gondolier. You’ll then return back through the evocative side canals back to the drop-off point. This is one of our most unique and fun tours of the city!

Women’s trip to Florence, 3 nights

After checking out of your hotel, your private water taxi will be waiting to take you to the train station. From Venice, you and your friends will travel by first-class high-speed train to your next amazing stop touring Italy, the beautiful medieval city of Florence. Here you’ll stay at one of our preferred hotels or upscale inns for three nights. As always, it will be situated in the city center within a short walk of the city’s most famous sites. We will also be able to find the perfect combination for your group of women friends! Single rooms, suites, bathrooms and terraces – some of the best spas in Italy! Our portfolio in Florence has so many choices.

Leisurely Walking Excursion of the City 

This is a great start to your women’s trip to Florence with our private local expert guide. Visit such famous sites as Il Duomo, Piazza dell Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, and more. Plus you will have the choice of a VIP, skip the line visit to either the Uffizi Gallery or Accademia (house of Michelangelo’s David).

A private excursion into the Tuscan countryside

You will have the choice of visiting the Chianti wine region and the medieval town of San Gimignano. Otherwise, you can head to the rolling hills of the Val D’Orcia with its charming hilltop villages and pecorino cheese. In both cases, we can arrange for winery tours and tastings. Alternatively, you could do a half-day walking tour of beautiful Siena. It’s up to you and your friends what you wish to do!

A fabulous “gastronomic” tour at one of the city’s most famous and bustling markets followed by a hands-on and cooking lesson and meal

The Florence market is a place where the stalls are heaped with produce raised in the green belt around the city and brought in before dawn by the producers. The market offers everything from fruits and vegetables, fish, fresh meat, salt-cured meat, cheese, and much more in a true Italian farm-to-table experience. Your guide will take you through the market, explaining local products as you absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of this incredible foodie dream. Afterward, you will head to a wonderful kitchen for your hands-on rustic Tuscan cooking class with a professional chef. You will prepare a full 4-course menu, including appetizer, first and second course, and dessert.

Rome, 3 nights

Next up on your women’s tour of Italy will be the Eternal City! Rome is simply fascinating. With its mix of modern, chaotic city life shadowed by endless historic landmarks and artistic masterpieces, you will be amazed and possibly overwhelmed by all it has to offer, but. That is where Bella Vita does some of its best work. By creating a haven of activities designed to give you a wonderful taste of this amazing city without exhausting you!

Our Private “Before Hours” Morning Vatican Tour

This incredible opportunity offers a more personal Vatican experience, and the ability to avoid the noisy crowds. You and friends will visit the Sistine Chapel at a more solitary, reflective hour. With our expert guide, you’ll discover masterpieces of the Renaissance as well as ancient statues from the Vatican collections. The tour will conclude in St Peter’s Basilica to admire Michelangelo’s Pietà. Your private guide will also give you access to the Basilica straight from the museums, avoiding the sometimes endless lines.

Private tour of Ancient Rome

Learn about its tragedies and love for entertainment. Also, discover some of its famous citizens, such as Julius Caesar, Emperors Augustus, and Nero. Visit Capitoline Hill, the Roman Forum, finishing off with the spectacular Coliseum.

Gelato tasting? Wine courses? Tailor made for women, tailor made for you!

We have a great amount of gastronomic experiences to offer you and your friends in the capital city. With a local female guide, we can organize a tour tailored to your interests. Craft beer tasting through the city? A start to a new career as a sommelier? With your friends, you can choose the experience that is perfect for you.

Your perfect ladies trip to Italy

If you are not yet ready to go home, we can add several options to your vacation. A few days soaking up the sun on the Amalfi coast? Or a visit to the island of Sicily? Alternatively, hiking through the Cinque Terre with your girlfriends. The choice is yours and we would be happy to design your trip as you wish.

These are moments that make memories. Traveling with your best friends is an experience you’ll never forget. You’re never too young – or too old – for a girls trip! Let our local, female experts design your tailor made women’s vacation for you. Contact us to start planning – it’s women’s month, you deserve it!|

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