Spring break with your family: Marrakesh and Morocco

The early spring time is considered off season in many locations that we can help you discover. In destinations like Morocco, though, the spring is high season, and perhaps the most ideal time to visit. Avoiding the sweltering heat that comes with northern African summers, and the cold weather that makes up a desert winter, Morocco is ideal for a family spring break trip.

Morocco is a destination that has been sparking wanderlust in travelers of all ages for years now. It’s mesmerizing and unique, and a vacation to this North African Mediterranean destination is a special treat for anyone, especially families, looking for a little spice (literally!) and adventure.

Spring break is the perfect time of year to visit- this year, it falls in the “high season” of Moroccan travel, which is tied to the religious holiday of Ramadan. Since Ramadan changes yearly, the period before the month long holiday of fasting and abstinence is considered a peak time to vacation- which means now is the ideal time to start planning your spring holiday in Morocco. It can certainly be challenging taking on organizing a family vacation, especially in the middle of the holidays here in North America. It can seem like an overwhelming prospect, and that is why using an expert travel planner is essential – even more so in Morocco. Besides taking the stress out of planning a family vacation on your own, Morocco has some logistical challenges that make using a travel planner a wonderful idea. We ensure that your trip is smooth, worry free, and just the right amount of adventure for your family.

For a family trip, we recommend starting in Marrakech. The international airport is well served by international airlines, and visitors from major North American cities can easily find flights with in many cases only one stopover. Marrakech is an incredible city, full of new scents, sounds and sites that will mesmerize a child- but it can also be overwhelming. It’s definitely worth spending a few nights here so you can gradually introduce kids, especially smaller ones, to places like the souk. Start in a less crowded area where they can watch and explore (not too far, of course!).

Places like the Bahia palace will have young minds dreaming, and are also special for adults to see too. Le Jardin Majorelle are also a great escape for families. Full of color in the form of flowers and greenery, it’s a nice break from the more hectic areas of the city, and kids love exploring. One tip for the littlest ones- bring a carrier as a stroller is very much a challenge for most of the city.

Another great tour that is a hit with families (as well as adults) is a traditional cooking class. Moroccan food is very hands on, and Moroccans love (LOVE) children. It’s a special experience for your whole family!

From Marrakech, it’s a great treat to head to the mountains. We can organize private drivers and transfers for the length of your stay to make every change in location a breeze. The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range in Northern Africa that span several countries, but are also not far from the city. Those of us with kids are used to walking (and carrying) the smallest ones quite a bit, but in the Atlas Mountains you have another option to help out- donkeys! Some of our favorite accommodations are in luxurious or more low key Kasbahs, one of which you need to take a short donkey ride to get to (which is honestly a treat for everyone). The area is inhabited by local Berber people and your days can be spent exploring their small villages and culture. They are welcoming and happy to show you a piece their lives. For older kids, mountain biking or a combination with a camel trek can also be an experience to remember.

For those with less time, a shorter trip can be planned with an incredible excursion to the desert. Located 45 minutes southwest of Marrakech is an arid region, the Agafay Desert, also known as the ‘Desert of Marrakech’. This lunar-like landscape is dramatic, but we have a special treat for you as you arrive at a desert oasis where we will plan unforgettable dinner lit by over 400 lamps in a Berber tent. As there is no light pollution at all, star gazing takes on a new meaning. After the hustle of Marrakech, the silence is “deafening”, and the whole experience is one your family will treasure.

Morocco has so much to offer families and travelers of all ages, and the spring is the perfect time to experience it all. Though it can seem daunting at first, with our expert assistance, we can help you create magical Moroccan memories. If any of these tours sound like the perfect fit for your family, contact us to ask how we can start planning your tailor made Moroccan spring break!

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  1. Marokko oder Al Maghrib, der arabische Name, ist ein Land, das reich an Kulturen, Gastfreundschaft, religiöser Vielfalt, Intellektuellen und seiner alten Geschichte von (einheimischen Berbern und Arabern) Dynastien und Imperien ist, die Nordafrika und Spanien und auch Mittelafrika erreichten die Große Sahara. Heute bietet Marokko jedem: von köstlichem Essen, wunderschönen historischen Stätten und Stränden, um einen fantastischen Sommerurlaub zu verbringen. Marokko hat auch eine großartige Wüsten- und Berglandschaft, die es seinen Besuchern ermöglicht, unzählige Bilder zu machen und so großartige Momente zu erleben, indem sie die Magie der Wüste erkunden und entdecken. Marokko hat auch eine Vielfalt an Kulturen und Traditionen, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, eine so große Liebe für das Land und seine Landschaften auszufüllen. Eines der Dinge, die Marokko zum besten Touristenziel machen, ist seine Vielfalt und Gastfreundschaft. Wenn Sie in den Norden fahren, finden Sie die großartigen Städte Tanger, Saadia und Nador, die am Rande des Mittelmeers liegen erreicht durch sein tolles Wetter und spanische Aspekte aufgrund der spanischen Kolonisatoren in der Vergangenheit. https://nomadictribestours.com/ Am Atlantischen Ozean Marokko hat hundert Strände, die besonders im Sommer einen Besuch wert sind, wie die kleinen Städte Asilah, El Oualidya, Essaouira und Agadir, die mehr als 6 Monate im Jahr Sommerwetter haben. Wenn Sie ein Tourist sind, der nach den besten Reiseplänen und Informationen über Marokko sucht, sind Sie hier genau richtig. Besuchen Sie diese

  2. Morocco, also known as Al Maghrib in Arabic, is a nation steeped in cultural richness, hospitality, religious diversity, intellectual pursuits, and a profound historical legacy shaped by native Berber and Arab dynasties and empires spanning North Africa, Spain, and even Central Africa, including the expansive Sahara Desert. Presently, Morocco caters to every traveler’s desires, offering a blend of delectable cuisine, captivating historical landmarks, and picturesque beaches perfect for an enchanting summer getaway. https://discoverymoroccotours.com/

  3. Morocco, officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, is a country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Positioned along the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, it shares land borders with Algeria to the east and the contested territory of Western Sahara to the south. Additionally, Morocco lays claim to the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta, Melilla, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera, along with several small Spanish-controlled islands off its coastline. Covering an expanse of 446,550 km2 (172,410 sq mi) or 712,550 km2 (275,120 sq mi), with 446,300 km2 (172,300 sq mi) and 710,850 km2 (274,460 sq mi) being land, it is home to approximately 37 million citizens. The predominant religion is Islam, and Arabic and Berber (Tamazight) serve as the official languages, with French and the Moroccan dialect of Arabic widely spoken. The country’s identity and culture reflect a fusion of Arab, Berber, African, and European influences. Rabat is the capital, and Casablanca is the largest city. get in touch https://magicdeserttours.com/

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