Our Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Summer Heat: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a seaside city that never ceases to enchant visitors. Approaching the famous stone walls that loom over the sea, making up the famous old town of the city, it takes your breath away – it’s no wonder that it’s been a hot destination for filming many tv shows and movies. Though located on the water, Dubrovnik can get still incredibly hot in the summer – this past June, it hit a historical record high. Many of our clients couple a few days here with a beach stop (have you seen the incredible beaches here?) but visiting Dubrovnik in the summer doesn’t mean just trying to survive until you get to the water. With some of our expert tips, you can make the most of your Croatian city holiday without wilting in the Adriatic sun.


Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 10.36.15 AM5. Oysters and a view

Nothing helps you forget the heat of a particularly scorching day like a shady table with a gentle sea breeze, a plate of the freshest local chilled oysters and a glass of crisp local white wine. Mali Ston Bay, located in the Dubrovnik area, is the oldest oyster farming area in the Adriatic, dating to Roman times. The clean water, salt content and particular blend of minerals make these oysters prized for their flavor. If you are in the mood for a short trip out of the city, Mali Ston is an easy one, and oyster farming is a unique way to pass the day – though we agree that the tasting at the end is the best part. If you are more in the mood for relaxing and sampling instead, Konoba Mandrač is an excellent place in Mali Ston to try the freshest fish and oysters you can find. Family run for decades, this seaside spot is a great way to spend a hot afternoon. If you are feeling less inclined to leave the city, Oyster & Sushi Bar Bota located in the old city, has Mali Ston oysters and other fresh fish products. Just the way to cool off!

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4. Island hop

You can see the little island of Lokrum from the old town of Dubrovnik, and it’s a short 15 minute easy ferry ride out from the city. Lokrum island is a great place to recharge on a hot day. Full of pine, cypress and olive trees, there are plenty of spots to catch a shady sea breeze, and in the past few years, many places have opened up that sell simple lunch food for a picnic. There are also some rocky beaches that make great spots for sunning and snorkeling – just be ready, some of them are beaches used frequently by naturalists.


3. Drink up!

Croatia is a small but wine rich country that often goes overlooked being in the shadow of other European producers. Their history of wine productions dates back to the time of the ancient greeks, and increasingly so experts are appreciating more and more what they are producing. Tasting wine (while remaking hydrated, of course) on a hot day is a great way to hide in cool cellars out of the sun, and our wine tasting tours are often a highlight of client trips. If you don’t feel like devoting a whole day to wine, you can stop by one of our favorite (and cool) wine bars in the old town, D’vino, where their sommelier can walk you through your choice of wine tasting.

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2. Cool off with culture

The 70th annual Dubrovnik summer festival takes place this year, going on until August 25th. There are over 80 different theater and music performances, ballet shows, film screenings, folklore and story telling that will take place around the city in 20 different locations – it’s one of Croatia’s most famous and important cultural events. It’s a fun way to see some interesting events in unique settings such as jazz at the Revelin Fort Terrace, concerts in front of St. Blaise’s Church. Though the majority of events take place when the sun goes down, it’s a great reward for getting through the hot day.

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1. See it from the sea

Croatia is a seaside nation and it doesn’t come as a surprise that many excursions and actives we can help you arrange in Dubrovnik are in the water. One of our personal favorites is a sea kayak around the outside of the city. Seen from the sea, you have a special and impressive vantage point of Dubrovnik – it looks all the more imposing when you see it as travelers once upon a time did, approaching from the water. Not in the mood to paddle yourself? We can also organize some wonderful boat tours, ranging from sunset sails to daytime island hopping – all of them wonderful ways to pass a hot day exploring from the cool Adriatic sea.

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