Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik, Croatia

Those who know me, know that I am a HUGE fan of HBO’s epic Game of Thrones! If you too are a fan of this fantastic show, then you are familiar with the city of Dubrovnik, even if they haven’t been there. This amazing city serves as the stunning setting of King’s Landing in the TV show, where the remarkably-preserved medieval buildings and spectacular city walls seem designed for adventure.

The show has introduced Dubrovnik to the world. Since 2011, when the show first aired, Dubrovnik has seen a 9-12% annual increase in tourism every year. It has also recently been featured in the Star Wars franchise, a Robin Hood remake, and a new James Bond film was shot in the city in early 2018, making it an exiting destination for fans of those franchises and further showing off the beauty and history of this unique city. 

While most of the show’s interior scenes are shot in Ireland, the outdoor scenes in King’s Landing take place on streets and in settings that will be familiar to visitors and residents of Dubrovnik. Here are just a few places in Dubrovnik that feature prominently in the show (no spoilers (almost)):

The Pile Gate: The Pile Gate entrance to Old Town was used extensively in seasons 2 and 3. It is the filming location where King Joffrey returns to the Red Keep and is greeted by an angry mob, and also the location for the scenes in season 3 when Jamie Lannister returns to King’s Landing.

Fort Lovrijenac: In Game of Thrones, Fort Lovrijenac is featured as the Red Keep, and appears many times in seasons 2 and 3. It is the setting for the naming ceremony and tournament in King Joffrey’s honor, and many critical season 3 scenes between Cersei and Littlefinger take place here.

Gradac Park: Viewers will recognize Gradac Park as the setting for the Purple Wedding feast in season 4. It was also used for shots in season 3 when Sansa escapes King’s Landing.

The City Walls: The City Walls have appeared numerous times throughout the show. In season 3, we see workers repairing the walls after the Battle of Blackwater. In season 6, it is from the City Walls that we see the ship carrying Marcella’s body to King’s Landing.

Minceta Tower: In season 2, Minceta Tower doubles as the House of the Undying in Quarth. Daenarys Targaryen searches the fortress for an entrance.

Ethnography Museum: The exterior of Dubrovnik’s Ethnography Museum is more familiar to many people as the exterior of Littlefinger’s brothel in King’s Landing. It appears many times in season 4 of the show. 

The Jesuit Staircase: The Jesuit Staircase is known in the show as the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor. It will be most memorable as the setting for Cersei’s Walk of Shame in season 5.

The Rector’s Palace: In season 2, Dubrovnik’s Rector’s Palace appears as the mansion of the Spice King where Daenarys requests ships to carry her army.

St. Dominic Street: This street in the Old Town of Dubrovnik is frequently used for outdoor market scenes in King’s Landing. It was also used as another location for the Walk of Shame in season 5.

Lokrum Island: The lush greenery of Lokrum Island just outside of Dubrovnik has appeared in Game of Thrones as the setting for the city of Quarth. Daenarys visits the city in season 2.

Dominican Monastery: The Dominican Monastery on St. Dominic street not only appears in the season 5 Walk of Shame, but is also the place where the season 2 protest speech against the Lannisters is delivered.

There are more than 15 Game of Thrones walking tours available in the city now, and Dubrovnik souvenir shops sell merchandise for the fans of the show. 2017 even saw two Game-of-Thrones-themed weddings in the city.

The final season of Game of Thrones started shooting in Dubrovnik in January of 2018. But we are sure to see the city in films and television for years to come, due to the careful preservation, stunning beauty, and unique appeal of Dubrovnik. And the fans of the show will doubtless continue to make the journey for years to come, for the chance to see King’s Landing in real life.

We know that unlike many of our well-trodden destinations, Croatia may seem like a step out of the comfort zone. But don’t let a few strange letters of their alphabet scare you off! Once you check out our brief eBook about what to expect on your first trip to Dubrovnik, you will realize that it is much more simple that you imagine. Download it right here:


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