Combo trips, Germany and Austria

Germany and Austria are great destinations for a combo trip. For those looking to explore more than one country, these two match perfectly. This week, we are sharing some tips and ideas for a combo trip here. Munich and Salzburg, specifically, pair perfectly in a combo trip!

The Bella Vita travel portfolio has expanded significantly in the past 5 years. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some ideas for trips to two destinations. Twice the fun in two different countries!

Germany: Old town Food Tour of Munich

This is a great tour idea for a combo trip in Munich and Salzburg. Starting in Munich, we recommend this tour on your first day. That way, you get an idea of the city and what to see here. You’ll visit the “Viktualienmarkt”, an open air famous market open daily. People buy their everyday groceries here. Everything from meats and cheeses to fish, vegetables fruit and bread.

The immense English garden, the vast grounds of Nymphenburg Palace and many more small parks tucked away in local neighborhoods, are Munich’s green lung. They offer endless possibilities to relax and recharge not to forget numerous beer gardens.

Watch surfers in downtown Munich on the famous „Eisbach“. The stream creates a steady wave and attracts quite a crowd. You’ll taste and enjoy one of the local specialties – a Bavarian Pretzel. The “Kunstmühle bakery E. Knapp & R. Wenig” is located on Neuturmstrasse. It is known for Munich’s best Pretzels and traditional Munich pastries. The bakery shop was set up in 2010. However, the bakers still work largely according to their 100 year old traditional recipes. The bakery still operates its own mill whose history dates back to 1570. Truly, a rare treasure still found close to Munich’s exclusive shopping mile.

Stop for a typical Bavarian take-away lunch in Munich. Your guide will take you to a well-known traditional restaurant where you will order a “Leberkäs Semmel”. “Leberkäs” is the slice of a meat loaf made from veal and pork, served on a bun with original sweet mustard.

Hotel in Germany: The Charles Hotel, Munich

Set within the verdant Lenbachgärten quarter and close to the historic Königsplatz, the effortlessly elegant Charles Hotel in Munich is where contemporary style meets traditional Bavarian hospitality.

During your stay sample fresh, seasonal cuisine in the destination restaurant, Sophia’s, and treat yourself to an innovative cocktail from Charles’ garden-themed menu. Indulge yourself in the world class spa, enjoying exclusive products made from botanics grown at the sister resort in Sicily, and swim a few laps in the luxurious pool.

Sophia’s Restaurant is one of the best in Munich, perhaps in Germany. Exemplifying botanical bistronomy as envisioned by the Executive Chef. Bringing lush verdancy into the elegant dining room, the menu at Sophia’s is inspired by its neighbour; Munich’s Old Botanical Garden.

Tours in Austria: Salt Mines Berchtesgaden

Have an interesting sight to visit the Salt Pit of Berchtesgaden. Sparkling atmospherically and impressively adventurously, the Salt Mine shines in a new light. It is a world of the local miners, who have been working in the active part of the Salt Mine day-in, day-out, for centuries and whisk the visitors away into their aforementioned world.

Highlights, such as the slide or the journey on the Mirror Lake (Spiegelsee) melt with information over the indispensible vital element of salt.

This is an adventure with many unforgettable impressions. You experience during the course of the SaltTimeJourney in Berchtesgaden, but will also experience with all of your senses! Take a trip through salt and time in the Salt Mine Berchtesgaden and be a part of the mysterious tour underground. Here, it is astounding the fascinating, wonderful world of the “white gold”.

Tours in Austria: Sound of Music

This tour is a combination of the magnificent city and the picturesque countryside of Salzburg. It takes you to all the major sights of the wonderful movie Sound of Music.

Starting with a complete city tour, visiting all the important places where the movie was made, like the Leopoldskron castle with its lake on which the boating scene was filmed. Then, Nonnberg abbey where Maria was a novice. Also, Frohnburg castle, the Gazebo close to the castle of Hellbrunn and the Mirabell gardens with the Pegasus fountain around which Maria and the children were dancing and singing “Do-re-mi”.

Germany and Austria, combo trip

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions for a combo trip to Munich and Salzburg. These are great cities to pair together on a trip to this part of Europe.

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