A BVT Client Perspective: Italy

Written by Colleen, a BVT client recounting her recent trip to Italy

There are too many reasons why we chose Italy, but, here are just a few:  The FOOD!  The people – so incredibly welcoming!  The way of life – making sure to enjoy all the little things.  Italy’s scenery and weather (especially along the coast) is AMAZING!  The water is so clean, clear, and swimmable!  Did I mention the FOOD?  And don’t forget the wine. limoncello, grappa.…oh, I could go on and on….

And personally, It’s part of my heritage, so I am fascinated with where my father’s family came from and I am obsessed with seeing and experiencing all the different regions.

I’ve been on many trips to Italy before (several planned by Bella Vita Travels), so I had a good understanding of what it would be like.  However, I love when I get to do something new in a place I have already visited:  like when we learned to row a traditional Venetian boat in Venice or learned to make fresh pesto in Liguria.  I tend to want to go to new places, but it’s always a welcome surprise to find new things in an old place.

It’s so hard to pick just one favorite destination.  My Top three are Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, and Taormina, Sicily.  What they all have in common are exquisite coastline, fresh seafood, and friendly locals.

In Monterosso, we stayed at Andrea’s La Bouganville B&B.  It’s right on the promenade to the beach, and it serves a phenomenal blood orange juice (when in season!) for breakfast. To. Die. For.  Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean every night doesn’t hurt.  Plus, Andrea is a fantastic host!   

Favorite excursions? The day long boat trip to Capri that accidentally included an after hours swim in the famous Blue Grotto!  And a close second would be a day trip to Positano where we sunned, swam, and lunched at Da Adolfo.  And a close third would be the Path of the Gods hike high above Positano.  Our hiking guide was easy on the eyes and brought us wine, snacks, and homemade Italian cookies from his mom.  I also loved the pesto making class.  So. Good.  And the cicheti row in Venice.  Wine, snacks, and rowing the canals.  What could go wrong?!  And the wine tour on Mt. Etna.  I mean come on, how cool is it that we had our own personal sommelier with us for the day while we visited 100 year old vines and tasted amazing wines!

Bottom line, all of our excursions have been fantastic.  It’s hard to choose just one!

Two words about the food and wine:  Ah. Mazing.  Seriously. The food is so fresh.  And delicious.  While we were walking 6+ miles a day, we were eating those burned calories and then some.  So much gelato!

If I could do anything differently, I’d just never go home.

Kate and Megan have been unbelievable to work with.  They have found the most amazing properties to stay in, the friendliest drivers, the most knowledgeable guides, and the coolest things to do.  The planning process has been painless and the actual vacations have been stress free!  I wish everything in life was like this !

If you don’t use Bella Vita Travels to plan your trip, you’re crazy!  I am so spoiled now that I won’t use anyone else!

Happy travels, Colleen

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