Mount Srd, Dubrovnik

Just outside Dubrovnik lies Mount Srd. This mountain was once covered with the low oak trees after which Dubrovnik was named, and the history of the city and the mountain are inextricable. While Fort Imperial atop the mountain was once a site for foreign rulers to oversee the city, it has also been where the fiercest Croatians staged battles in the war for independence. While it is a popular site for hiking and enjoying the landscape, it is also a powerful symbol of the spirit of Dubrovnik, and the people love this mountain.

Here are some activities on Mount Srd that you won’t want to miss.

Cable car: The cable car is one of the most popular activities in Dubrovnik, transporting people up 1352 feet to the top of the mountain. From the peak, you can see an incredible 37 miles in all directions, taking in the city and sea below, the vast shoreline dotted with islands, and the mountains of Croatia on all sides. The cable cars depart from near the Buza gate every half hour, and transport you to the peak in less than 4 minutes. A round-trip adult ticket costs ~$18.

Hiking: It’s also popular to hike up Mount Srd, and the path is lined with the Stations of the Cross where locals practice their faith. Taking your time to enjoy the serenity of the views and escape summer crowds is a great way to experience Mount Srd, but it is rocky ascent and hikers are entirely exposed to the sun. Wear good hiking boots and sun protection, bring plenty of water, and expect the ascent to take a couple hours.

Fort Imperial: The fort, originally built by Napoleon in the 1800s, is now home to a museum and exhibition devoted to the Croatian War of Independence. The fort is positioned for the best views of the region, and is an incredible place to see Dubrovnik.

Dining: The peak of Mount Srd hosts cafes and snack bars, and the Panorama Restaurant and Bar, a fine dining restaurant with legendary views. Reservations are recommended.

Shopping: Of course, a visit to Mount Srd wouldn’t be complete without a souvenir shop and some other specialty shops to remember the trip.

The Cross: Just atop the mountain is an enormous cross and altar, made of luminous white stone from the nearby island of Brac, a gift to bless the city below. Incidentally, the White House is also made of this same stone.

Buggy Safari: From the peak of Mount Srd, you can go on a buggy safari tour, driving small dune buggies with a group, exploring the rocky terrain, spectacular views, and historic moments enacted on top of this mountain. It’s a fun and exciting way to learn local history and explore the landscape.

Many people travel to the peak of Mount Srd simply for the fun of the cable car ride and the breathtaking views from the top. However, in recent years, the establishment of shops, cafes, and activities have flourished, making the journey more fun and interesting for visitors. While the city is in negotiations to open a golf course on Mound Srd, locals are possessive of their mountain and generally opposed to the measure. The hope is that, even as development continues in coming years, the mountain remains a place where Croatians honor their history and celebrate their beautiful city.

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