Spring break with your family: Eastern Sicily

It might seem early (and a little overwhelming) to tackle the idea of planning a spring vacation for your family right now. It’s heading towards what is, for most of our clients with kids, the most hectic time of year. But in reality, this is the ideal time to start Turing your family travel dreams into reality.

Taking advantage of the days off your kids are afforded for spring break means that you can take a vacation in some spectacular destinations when the temperatures aren’t sweltering, the lines are nonexistent, and the prices are low.

And as for the “stress” of planning a family vacation? That’s exactly why you need an expert travel planner who lives in the country and has kids- we’ve done it all before ourselves (many, many times). We take the worrying out of planning your dream vacation and know exactly how to provide your family with the support, ideas, recommendations and perfect tours to make your family vacation hassle free.

This month, our weekly blog will focus on some great destinations for families looking for a getaway over spring break- this week, our focus is on one of the Mediterranean’s most fascinating islands, Sicily, and one of our favorite parts of this island- the enchanting east coast.

Sicily is full of so many things and so many interesting sites, it deserves more than just one visit. It’s a destination that has clients returning again and again to keep discovering new facets of this intriguing island. The largest island in the Mediterranean, it has a proud, strong culture that ties into its food and its land. Sicilians are Sicilian first, and welcome guests with a hospitality your family will always remember.

We recommend with a family trip not trying to do too much but still keeping the pace active enough to keep your kids intrigued without totally wearing them out (the last thing you need when you get home is a vacation from your vacation!). So, for a first trip, heading to the east coast is a wonderful idea, and Siracusa is a great first stop. Not too far from Catania airport (so any tired kids can get acclimated right away), this small city is home to many archeological sites that can seem overwhelming, but with our expert guides they can gear a tour to your children’s interests. Ancient theaters bring out the actor in anyone, and even the most jaded teenager can’t help but smile when seeing the nesting grounds of wild flamingos at the nearby Vendicari nature reserve. Just relaxing in the city is another great idea – younger ones will love blowing off steam running around the large piazza, and bigger children (along with their parents) will love tasting some of Sicily’s most famous treats – cannoli, anyone?

Another great stop in eastern Sicily is Modica- one of our favorite tours for kids (and, let’s face it, adults too) is our chocolate making workshop. Famous worldwide for its chocolate making history in the Aztec tradition, this is THE place for kids with a sweet tooth. Beyond that, the town itself is a labyrinth of medieval streets that fanciful kids will fall in love with.

In the other direction along the coast (north from Catania), you cannot miss a stop at Mt. Etna. It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to climb up a live volcano, and this fun day tour is active enough to be exciting but not too much to make it difficult. The “discovery” of old lava caves and the fun of riding up the volcano in a Jeep, looking over old and newly smoking areas is something unique and a one of a kind experience your family will never forget.

From here, you are close to one of Italy’s most special resort towns- Taormina. Located perched over the sea, with Mount Etna looming in the background, Taormina is simply breathtaking. Kids of all ages get a thrill out of the old amphitheater and love the “hike” down to the crystal clear waters of the beach below (though spring might still be a little chilly for a swim).

Sicily, especially the eastern part, offers so much for a vacation, from spectacular food to beautiful scenery and so much history. It’s a great destination for anyone, but over spring break is a great spot for a family looking for just the right amount of activity without any stress.

Does Sicily sound like a perfect fit? Contact us for more information on what we can organize for your next family dream vacation!

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