New Experiences: Unique tours in Morocco

So much has changed the past year in travel even while staying at home. While active vacations and tours slowed down, behind the scenes travel experts and professionals stayed very busy. We were able to use this time wisely along with our partners and colleagues to create spectacular new experiences for our clients.

As so many of us spent this past year at home, staying in place, the act of travel has taken on a new significance. We appreciate even more the privilege and freedom to leave our homes and explore the world. Many clients now wish for deeper understanding and richer experience of the place they are visiting. As such, we have put together some unique, special new tours in each of our destinations. We have been sharing them with you over the past few weeks, and this week continue with magical Morocco.

Bella Vita Travels designs each trip individually to your travel dreams and wishes. We work with only the best guides and local experts in each of the countries we can help you discover. Along with these qualified professionals, we have put together a few new options for a future trip to Morocco.

These are just a few of the new experiences we can organize. The ideas for your perfect vacation do not stop here!

Marrakech Rooftop Experience

In this new experience, you will learn about the history of Marrakech and its everyday life. Also, the challenges it is facing from the vantage point of some of its most emblematic rooftop terraces. From the old medina to the French quarter and countryside, enjoy a bird’s view of Marrakech whilst listening to your guide’s engaging explanations. Watch the sunset drinking the cocktail of your choice! You will also meet one of the very few female storytellers in the country. A new experience and a way to discover Marrakech from a different perspective, specially tailor made to meet your expectations.

Spectacular shopping tour in central Marrakech

First, meet our shopping expert and trend hunter. You will profit from her special access to a hand-picked selection of the finest luxury shops and designers in Marrakech. Second, you can discover amazing antique pieces of art, exquisite rugs, chic furniture, or original fashion. You will explore shops that count cinema stars, rock celebrities, and the European aristocracy amongst their clients. A must see for design lovers and avid shoppers seeking something other than the traditional Moroccan goods found in the souks.

Finally, we will take you to the newest and coolest stores and showcase SidiGhamen, an area of Marrakech fast gaining a reputation for high-end custom-made wares & art.

New experience: Garden Tour of Fes

Fes was one the first cities in the world to build a water distribution network. This enabled the city to develop the art of gardening. In this eco friendly activity, you will get to have many new experiences in this beautiful city.

First, we will visit the Jnan Sbil gardens. Located on the north-western edge of the medina, it has palms, eucalyptus, weeping willows, citrus trees and bamboo. Jnane Sbil encompasses 7.5 hectares and is located in the heart of city. It is one of the oldest gardens in Fes.

Second, we will see the Batha Garden. This is a serene escape from the bustling medina in Fes. It serves as a location for the Festival of Sacred World Music each June. It is the only one of these palace gardens open to the public.

Third, Les Jardins des Biehn is based on traditional Islamic forms. There are water channels intersecting the garden, and fountains at one end. It was formerly the summer palace of a pasha who housed his concubines and slaves there. Now a boutique hotel, the rooms all open onto the lovely garden, which features roses, irises, and edible herbs.

Finally, lunch break at The Ruined Garden, a restaurant tucked in the heart of the medina. It is located within the centuries-old roofless shell of a former merchant’s house. Its interior has been converted into a charming, magical flower filled place! It’s the perfect end to your garden filled day.

Stargazing in Merzouga

The Sahara is a very popular highlight in any tour to Morocco. Stargazing in the desert night is guaranteed to become a truly unforgettable experience. Just one more reason why you should not miss it while in the area! You will discover the beauty of the sky from in the deep South of Morocco.

Seemingly, this is where the sky meets the Earth. You will experience astronomy at first hand, taught by a local astronomer. Hence, it is the perfect addition to a trip to the desert.

Lila Gnawa in Essaouira

This is an incredible cultural experience for visitors to the area. Gnawa is a group of people whose ancestors came from diverse regions of Africa. These people participate in the musical and ritual tradition of the lila (Arabic “night”) or derdeba ceremony.

The lila tradition is recognized to be a manifestation of the expressive culture of the historical Gnawa. It is a rich ceremony of song, music, dance, costume. It takes place over the course of an entire night, ending around dawn. Endulge yourself in a spiritual mood in one of Essaouira’s famous terraces! To conclude, this is one of the most unique and special new experiences Morocco can offer.

New experiences designed for you

These new experiences in Morocco are great additions to a bespoke holiday. Please contact us to learn more! We have even more options for every type of traveler, and are eager and ready to make your travel dreams come true.

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