Experience elegance and romance on our Southern Italy Romance itinerary! This 11-day journey takes you from the Eternal City of Rome to the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, then to breath-taking Capri and ending in colorful Naples.

Italy is a destination that has something for everyone from history buffs to beach lovers. If you have been dreaming of the brightest azure sea, the rolling hills covered in vineyards, the snow-capped mountains, the mirror-like lakes, or the most magnificent art-filled cities in the world, then Italy delivers. It is a country that brings you from one opposite to another, from the spices of Calabria to the rich polenta and sausages of Friuli. It’s the long, magnificent coastline of enticing Puglia and winding roads of the Dolomites. Italy is a place that is held in the hearts of repeat visitors who find themselves hard-pressed not to come back and continue exploring its twenty magical regions. On your Luxurious Italy vacation, you will get a “taste” of what this beautiful country has to offer, leaving you wanting more for the next trip!


Benvenuti! The first stop on your Southern Italy Romance tour will be elegant Rome. The Eternal City is simply fascinating. With its mix of modern, chaotic city life shadowed by endless historic landmarks and artistic masterpieces, you will be amazed and possibly overwhelmed by all it has to offer. That is where Bella Vita does some of its best work. We create a haven of activities designed to give you a wonderful taste of this amazing city without exhausting you!

You will be greeted at the Rome airport by your private driver. He/she will then accompany you to your gorgeous accommodations in the historical center. During your 3 days in Rome, you will enjoy the following experiences:

  • Start off your stay in Rome with our very fun but also informative Italian Vino 101 Experience! Each Italian wine region has its own character. With so many variables, often it can be daunting to choose the best Italian wine. This special wine tasting experience in one or several acclaimed wine bars. Thus, allowing wine lovers to sip, acquire and discuss the elements of food and wine pairings. A certified sommelier provides guests with an overview of the history of winemaking. Start from the basics of production, then grape harvest to bottling. Eventually, leading to highlights the characteristics of each grape variety, region, and wine producer. In pairing a selection of several wines with appetizers, guests have a chance to explore the local area of Lazio or sample wines from other regions.
  • Our Private “Before Hours” Morning Vatican Tour. This incredible opportunity offers a more personal Vatican experience, and the ability to avoid noisy crowds. You will visit the Sistine Chapel at a more solitary, reflective hour. With our expert guide, you’ll discover masterpieces of the Renaissance as well as ancient statues from the Vatican collections. The tour will conclude in St Peter’s Basilica to admire Michelangelo’s Pietà. Your private guide will also give you access to the Basilica straight from the museums, avoiding the sometimes endless lines.
  • Enjoy a rare experience with our Private Access Coliseum by Night tour. Some 5 million people visit the Colosseum every year but you’ll see it like no one else. Enjoy that exclusivity as your guide entertains you with hair-raising tales of the Colosseum’s bloody past. In the darkness of night, those stories feel even more spine-tingling than usual. Also, with the amphitheater almost empty, you’ll find it easier to hear and interact with your guide. As well as being especially evocative, the Colosseum at night is cooler and much more comfortable. You will also have an exclusive visit down into the underground, where animals and gladiators awaited their turn to fight. Next, you’ll experience your own ‘Gladiator’ moment on the arena floor. You’ll travel with an official Colosseum guard who will unlock a special gate, swinging it open to reveal that iconic walkway onto the floor. Walk in the footsteps of gladiators as you step out on to the arena floor! This is the most incredible vantage point in the Colosseum so take your time to soak it up. There is no better way to explore Ancient Rome than with this special tour.
  • Lose yourself within one of Europe’s most extraordinary museums and one of Rome’s greatest patrician collections, the Borghese Gallery. It is home to glorious works by Bernini, Caravaggio, and other highly-regarded artists in Italian history. It is considered an astounding showcase of Italian art and antiquity. Your art historian/private guide will make the artists and statues come alive in this short but captivating tour.


The next destination in your Southern Italy Romance itinerary is the beautiful Amalfi Coast! Your private driver will then accompany you to this incredibly gorgeous area. First, you will have a special treat along the way! You will have the choice between in a few different villages. These include the famous and lovely Positano, charming Amalfi, or tranquil and elegant Ravello. Bella Vita has a selection of elegant luxury sea-view hotels that we’ll choose from according to your taste and style.

During your days on the Amalfi Coast, we can arrange for you to enjoy the following activities:

  • En route to the Amalfi Coast, enjoy a fascinating 2-hour walk through the Ruins of Pompeii with a private guide. This once beautiful and thriving Roman port city was destroyed by the Vesuvius volcano in 79 a.d. The visit to the ruins starts from Porta Marina, the main entrance, which will bring you a Via Marina, an excellent example of Roman architecture, filled with fountains, buildings, and private homes. In these beautiful homes, you can admire wall paintings depicting various episodes of daily life. Then, by continuing along the Via Marina, you arrive at the center of commercial and political life: the Forum. Subsequently, you can easily reach the major buildings and monuments and private noble homes like the Villa Dei Misteri, one of the most beautiful roman villas of the city. Here you’ll see some of the best-preserved frescos of the time. Your guide will help bring to life the streets and buildings, preserved for years under layers of volcanic ash, with stories and facts that will let you understand the history and culture of the period. This will certainly be a visit that you will remember for years to come.
  • We will leave the day free to enjoy on your own, we will arrange for A Private Sunset Cruise along the Amalfi Coast. With a glass of Prosecco in hand, cruise along the lovely coast. Your captain will point out famous landmarks and even find a private cove for an end of the day dip in the Mediterranean. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets from a unique viewpoint as well as a stunning view back on Positano and the Coast.
  • Today you will enjoy a special treat of making and tasting delicious “Amalfitana” dishes during your Amalfi Coast Cooking Class. This small-group cooking class specializes in local cuisines such as zesty lemons, sultry tomatoes, and a wide variety of fresh fish. This hands-on 2-hour class takes place in a local restaurant, where you’ll prepare an antipasto (appetizer), primo (pasta course), and secondo (main dish) with an expert chef. After you finish cooking, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor!


With its steep, jagged coast, and a landscape of wild beauty sculpted by the wind and sea, Capri is simply spectacular. It has long been a favorite destination for travelers, especially jet-setters. Not only for its beauty but excellent hotels, restaurants, and all-around “dolce vita”. This unforgettable will be the next destination on your Southern Italy Romance itinerary.

We will arrange a private boat transfer from the mainland to Capri’s port. From there, your luggage will be picked up by a local porter, while you can take the famous funicular up to Capri Town. From there, it is just a short walk to your heavenly accommodations. We have several special choices here for your to choose from.

During your stay on Capri, we can organize a gozzo cruise around the island. Your captain can take you to the famous Blue Grotto if you like, or even more enticing, little private coves for a swim and a glass of prosecco. We can also arrange for a limoncello making and tasting, or even a hiking guide to take you up to Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island for incredible panoramic views.


The city of Naples is often misunderstood and underrated. Here lies an elaborate history, extraordinary culture, and a love of food like no other! You will be transported from Capri back to the mainland by private boat. Then, upon arrival, your private driver will be waiting to take you to your lovely accommodations for the next two nights.

A must for anyone staying in Bella Napoli is our Private Food & History Tour of Naples. Your local guide will meet you at your hotel. Energized by some of Napoli’s most celebrated caffè (espresso) and famous treats, such as pasta cresciuta (fried dough), montanara (fried pizza), polenta, gelato, and mozzarella cheese, you have the unique opportunity to explore Neapolitan street food in the heart of the “vertical city”. The fascinating historic center of Naples reflects great eras of the city’s emblematic past. From its 5th century BC Greco-Roman founding to its importance as an 18th-century kingdom and up to its modern incarnation. The city’s intriguing past comes to light in a juxtaposition of its history, art, magnificent architecture, modern design, and delicious food. Churches, cloisters, narrow cobbled alleys, underground ruins, and an artist’s atelier are all on the itinerary.

On your day of departure, you will have a private transfer to the Naples Airport or train station. Arrivederci!

If you are not yet ready to go home, we can add several options to your Southern Italy Romance tour. A few days in the “heel of Italy”, otherwise known as Puglia? Or a visit to the island of Sicily? You could even head north to Tuscany. The choice is yours and we would be happy to design your trip as you wish.

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