Since 2004, BVT has been creating completely customized, stress-free, and unforgettable travel experiences for our clients. As professional consultants, we listen carefully to our clients’ travel wishes and combine that with our local expertise to design the trip of a lifetime for them. We work with a limited clientele (and only by referral) so that we can provide the utmost service to each and every one of them throughout the trip-planning process.

Our clients receive special benefits and upgrades through our preferred partnerships, and with early planning, we can often secure the most favorable rates and access to tailor-made experiences based on your travel wishes and interests.

Please note that in most destinations we partner with hotels that run anywhere from $500-$1000+ per night per room. Therefore, we generally work with budgets of $1,500 per day and up for full itinerary planning.

Tailor-made Vacations

FROM $600

For our tailor-made vacations, we charge a minimum planning fee of $600 per trip. We invest a good deal of time into getting to know our clients’ travel wishes, and then researching and designing what we know will be an amazing vacation for them. Our planning fee is non-refundable and is required upfront before we begin working on your itinerary.

Should there be significant changes to your itinerary (such as adding travelers, changing the dates, or re-arranging the route), we will charge an hourly rate of $100. This rate also applies to any concierge services including restaurant reservations, spa appointments, family heritage research, or any other special needs added to your approved itinerary.

Our trip design fee varies based on the number of travelers, destinations, and overall intricacy of your vacation. Trip requests with less than 90 days notice from the trip dates will be considered last-minute and additional design fees will apply.


FROM $250

We offer one-off destination planning for our return clients only. This consists of creating a short itinerary in one city/place, including hotels, transportation, tours, restaurant recommendations, and “on your own” excursion ideas. This is the perfect pre or post-cruise package, or for those visiting for a period of up to 3 days. The charge per destination is $250.

Preferred Luxury Hotels & Cruises

We also offer special amenities and rates with our preferred hotels and cruise lines which can be booked without the creation of a tailor-made vacation package. For the most part, our compensation is paid by the hotel and/or cruise line through the commission that is built into the price. We can provide you with up to 3 recommendations per destination free of charge. If a more extensive search is needed, we charge $100 with up to 6 recommendations per destination. There are hotels and smaller inns that do not provide commission. In these cases, we will add a 15% service fee to the price.

Flights & Rail

We have a third-party partner that handles international flights on behalf of our clients. This invaluable service not only manages to find the best schedules and pricing but also provides 24-hour, proactive monitoring and VIP assistance during travel for delays or cancellations and/or loss of luggage. Fees to our partner start at $125 per person for an international ticket.

For flights within Europe on low-cost airlines such as EasyJet or Ryan Air, we charge $25 per ticket issued.

Annual Membership

For our multiple-trip and long-term planning clients, please email us at info@bellavitatravels.com about our annual membership fees.