Spring break with your family: Marrakesh and Morocco

By Christine Mitchell-De Fina | November 26th, 2019 | Family, Travel Tips, Morocco

The early spring time is considered off season in many locations that we can help you discover. In destinations like Morocco, though, the spring[...]

Spring break with your family: Spanish highlights

By Christine Mitchell-De Fina | November 19th, 2019 | Family, Spain, See & Do

Though it might seem early to start thinking about how to spend your family’s spring vacation, it’s actually the perfect time to start planning.[...]

Spring break with your family: Eastern Sicily

By Christine Mitchell-De Fina | November 12th, 2019 | Family, Italy, See & Do, Mediterranean

It might seem early (and a little overwhelming) to tackle the idea of planning a spring vacation for your family right now. It’s heading towards[...]

Spring Break With Your Family: Paris and the Loire Valley

By Christine Mitchell-De Fina | November 5th, 2019 | Family, France, Travel Tips

Though November has most of us thinking about the fast approaching fall and winter holidays, it’s also the perfect time to start planning a family[...]

Holiday Vacation Ideas: France

By Christine Mitchell-De Fina | September 17th, 2019 | Insider, Eat & Drink, Family, France, Culture

Winter travel in France is a wonderful way to experience the country in the off season, but for us, there’s no place more magical then Paris.[...]

Introducing Bella Vita's Family Sailing Adventure!

By Megan McCaffrey | February 28th, 2019 | Beach, Eat & Drink, Family, Greece, Active, Italy, Bella Vita Travels, Mediterranean

I am so delighted to introduce you to the latest product Bella Vita Travels has to offer! We are calling it our FAMILY SAILING ADVENTURE which[...]

A Bella Vita Client Perspective: Italy Tailor-made for the Family

By Megan McCaffrey | December 20th, 2018 | Beach, Eat & Drink, Family, Hotels, Travel Tips, Active, Culture, Italy, See & Do, Bella Vita Travels, Mediterranean

We had the pleasure of working with Nena, Veljko and their two daughters on a family adventure of Italy. From Venice to Florence to Siena to Rome[...]

Family Friendly Destinations in Croatia

By Megan McCaffrey | November 13th, 2017 | Croatia, Family

You know Croatia as a traveler's paradise, but is it a welcoming place for children? The emphatic answer is "yes!" The abundant list of family[...]

Family Friendly Destinations in Portugal

By Megan McCaffrey | October 19th, 2017 | Family, Portugal

Portugal may be one of Europe's smaller countries, but its appeal for families with children is big. From the capital city of Lisbon to the beaches[...]

Family Friendly Destinations in Spain

By Megan McCaffrey | October 17th, 2017 | Family, Spain

As the home of flamenco dancing, bull fighting and amazing architecture, Spain has a history that lends itself well to a family vacation. Including[...]

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