HIDDEN GEMS: unique and special destinations we love

There is no "right" answer on how to travel or what destinations you absolutely need to see.  Since travel is something deeply personal, it is completely dependent on your dreams, your personality, your level of activity and interests. 

Certainly, a first time visitor to Italy would certainly be missing something grand by leaving Rome, Florence and Venice off of their travel itinerary, but places like (for example) Puglia, Calabria and Sicily appeal to travelers in their own way - there are so many hidden gems, and so many have their own magic. 

Azores, Portugal

Barcelona is a city that certainly needs to be explored, Paris needs no introduction, Dubrovnik is a dream - but as locals, we can also recommend to our clients some alternatives and additions to a holiday for those looking for something particular and truly unique. 

Camargue, France

Choosing a tailor-made vacation instead of a pre-planned, packaged holiday means that we can arrange your trip to fulfill your desires and travel wishes, ensuring that you aren't wasting any of your precious vacation time seeing sites that don't interest you, but it also means that we can advise you to special stops that might perfectly satisfy your wanderlust that you perhaps haven't even heard of.

Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Italy

The seven Mediterranean countries that we can help you discover are so spectacularly different and varied that our process of putting together your tailor made vacation starts at the beginning - with you. 

Slovenian wine country

Be it a first time traveler or a client that's explored the Mediterranean from the north to the south, there are an incredible amount of experiences and sites that our destinations can provide, and this month, we will share with you some of our absolute favorite hidden gems in the countries that we visit.

Girona, Spain

In the upcoming weeks we will continue to keep your future travel dreams going - though most of our clients are still at home and it is a hard time, please take hope in the fact that this situation is only temporary and our travel dreams are only postponed. 

Stromboli, Italy

We hope the next few weeks will help spark your armchair wanderlust and give you some wonderful ideas for your next holiday.

By Christine Mitchell-De Fina | September 1st, 2020 | Insider, Active, Culture, See & Do, Mediterranean | 0 Comments

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