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The ancient Romans thought the island of Capri Italy made for an amazing resort experience, and present-day travelers agree. This paradise off the western Italian coast, not far from Naples, has hosted people seeking the high life for more than 2,000 years. Today, that means great shopping, delicious food and wine and luxurious sightseeing jaunts around the coastline.

Over its storied history, Capri has been home to Greek warriors, Ottoman pirates, French soldiers, British naval officers and European writers and artists, among others, so it reflects a wide range of cultures. Besides being known for a below-the-knee style of pants, Capri is famous for its artistic film and dance festivals and its amazing Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto, where sunlight reflected through the seawater illuminates a cavern in dazzling, deep shades of blue.

Planning Your Trip

Most of the buzz on the island of Capri happens in the summer months. Trips outside of July and August are certainly cooler and less crowded, but you may find some of the establishments which cater primarily to tourists are closed or have shorter hours.

Arriving on Capri can take special planning. You can fly into Rome or Naples, then journey to one of the western Italian cities that provides ferry or hydrofoil service to the island. If you'll be traveling over the water from Naples, the ferry takes just under an hour and a half. To arrive in style, consider hiring a private boat or taking a yacht mini-cruise to and around the island.

Once on Capri, you'll be able to stay in either Capri or Anacapri, the island's only two towns. Most attractions are a short taxi ride away.

Places to Visit

Grotta Azzurra vs. Grotta Verde

It is said the Blue Grotto, a sight Capri is famous for, cannot be missed, but keep in mind a few "disclaimers" before going. Entrance to the grotto is only accessible at low tide and in calm weather, and guests must lie down in the specially designed rowboats called "gozzi", in order to enter. Once inside, you'll be able to "ooh and ahh" over the uniquely intense blue water for about 30 seconds. The price is currently €14 per person for often an hour's wait and less than a minute inside and a skipper who may or may not sing (but expect off-key singing if he does sing).

We personally believe there are better ways to spend your time on and around the island. For example, check out the Green Grotto.

Like the Blue Grotto, the water around the cave of Green Grotto gives off a beautiful color (in this case emerald green), an effect caused by the reflection of the light. Unlike the Blue Grotto, you do not have to pay to enter Green Grotto (except for getting there by boat from the marina) and better yet, you can swim through it. The same rules apply for good weather and sea conditions, but we feel the Green Grotto provides a unique experience at a much more reasonable price...without any off-key singing!

Villa Jovis

These Roman ruins were once the elaborately designed rooms, baths and gardens of the Emperor Tiberius. Built into the hillside, the complex required a highly engineered solution for watering all the plants; you can still see parts of the water transport system today. If you're up for the 45-minute walk, take the Via Tiberio from Capri.

Marina Piccola

Perhaps you recall the tale of Odysseus being tempted by the song of the Sirens -- this is the beach where the legend is set. It's also a fantastic location for snorkeling and swimming. The small harbor is a lovely setting for getting a nice meal and watching the sunset over I Faraglioni, a rock formation positioned in the sea just off the coast.

Piazza Umberto I

Set in the center of the town of Capri, this often-crowded plaza is perfect for people watching. Nearby cafés and bars offer options for a quick bite or drink.

Via Camerelle

Capri's high shopping street winds through much of the town, studded with the boutiques and shops of today's most trendy designers.

If Capri is one of your dream destinations, we can craft a custom itinerary that will give you an opportunity to truly delight in this island paradise. We can advise on the best transportation options and accommodations as well as share more insights into the dining scene. Contact us to start planning your Capri vacation.

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